Dendias: Egypt is of key importance for Europe


“The Greek view is that Egypt is a country of crucial importance for Europe. “A partner and friend of the EU, with which our relations must be developed and we must support Egypt in its effort to face the great economic crisis”, stressed Mr. Dendias

The message that Egypt is a country of crucial importance for Europe and that relations between the European Union and Egypt should be developed, was sent by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias in a statement coming to the 9th Meeting of the EU-Egypt Association Council. taking place today in Luxembourg.

«The Greek view is that Egypt is a country of crucial importance for Europe. An EU partner and friend, with whom our relations must be developed and we must support Egypt in its efforts to deal with the great economic crisis“Stressed the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

He also called on “the Egyptian government to help address the issue of human rights and women’s rights in Egyptian society.”

Finally, o Nikos Dendias suggested that “is a huge opportunity for the Union, which should by no means be missed».

It is noted that the Foreign Minister earlier today gave a working lunch to the Foreign Minister of Egypt, at a beach restaurant in the Greek capital and then traveled to Luxembourg, while they also had a short meeting, out of schedule and an informal conversation with the Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

With regard to the EU-Egypt Association Council, its plenary agenda includes an exchange of views on the implementation and prospects of enhanced dialogue and co-operation within the EU priorities in Egypt, and the adoption of new EU space priorities in Egypt. 2021-2027.

Greece attaches great importance to the ever-developing EU-Egypt relations, a strategic partner of our country with a key role in the wider Mediterranean region, underlined in a statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On Monday, the Foreign Minister will take part in the EU Foreign Affairs Council (EUSF), which will also take place in Luxembourg. Before the start of the Council’s work, Nikos Dendias will attend an informal working breakfast of the EU Foreign Ministers with the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer, with whom he is expected to discuss the action of the Red Cross in Ukraine.

The EU foreign ministers will then discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine, developments in the Horn of Africa and Egypt, and exchange views with their Egyptian counterpart Sameh Sukri over an informal working lunch.

Recent developments, including the EU’s relations with the Gulf countries and Jordan, are expected to be examined under the heading “Current Affairs”.

Nikos Dendias is expected to inform, under this entry, about the continuing escalation of Turkish delinquency and provocation.

Finally, the Foreign Minister will brief his counterparts on his recent tour of the Western Balkans and the results of the recent South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) Summit, which took place in Thessaloniki.

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