Mônica Bergamo: Research shows that 65% of LGBTQIA+ workers say they have already suffered discrimination at work


A survey of 20,000 workers from all states and the Federal District reveals that 65% of LGBTQIA+ professionals say they have already suffered discrimination at work, while 28% have been victims of harassment – ​​the latter rate drops to 18% among people who do not follow the same sexual orientations.


If only people who declare themselves as trans and bisexuals are considered, the rate of those who have already been subjected to discrimination rises to 86% and 72%, respectively.


The study, carried out by the consultancy Santo Caos, considered all types of prejudiced activity, even if veiled, such as ironies, jokes and jocular innuendo as discrimination. The act of explicitly offending someone because of a characteristic was classified as harassment.


The survey also shows that 47% of LGBTQIA+ workers have an average income of less than four minimum wages, while this same rate is 36% among those who are not part of the segment.


Asexuals are those with the lowest income among those who make up the acronym LGBTQIA+, with 81% earning less than four minimum wages. Gay people, in turn, have the highest income within the segment, with 20% of them earning more than ten times the minimum wage.


The survey points to a greater concentration of LGBTQIA+ in the Southeast (62%), followed by the Northeast (20%) and the South (10%).


According to the survey, 48% of LGBTQIA+ people have revealed their sexual orientation or gender identity to someone at work. Among trans people, that number drops to 40%. The positions held can also be decisive for a worker to come out of the closet: those who do not occupy a leadership position speak more about their orientation compared to those who are in charge —46% and 29%, respectively.


“It is necessary for companies to prepare themselves in a more comprehensive and consistent way to promote the well-being of employees, expanding their diversity and inclusion initiatives”, says Jean Soldatelli, managing partner of the Santo Caos consultancy.


He also highlights the importance of the effort in a scenario in which more people started to work from their homes and, with that, to expose aspects that were not previously part of the work routine.


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