Iliopoulos: Capitulation of Mitsotakis with the pandemic – Closer to the possibility of lockdown


“The capitulation of Kyriakos Mitsotakis with the pandemic costs human lives and brings closer the possibility of a new lockdown”, said the spokesman of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Nassos Iliopoulos, speaking last night in the main news bulletin ».

Mr. Iliopoulos stated that “the government must, at last, stop the convenient lies that we are in the final stretch of the pandemic”, as “it has now become clear that no one can say with certainty when this battle will end”. He argued that “inaction and conscious political choices by the government are putting us at risk of a new lockdown”, noting that “brave public policies” were needed and that “it is not possible today for public hospitals to have 2,500 fewer permanent staff than in 2019, the 2022 budget for health is not reduced compared to this year “.

The spokesman of the official opposition party stressed that SYRIZA-PS proposes a series of “immediately applicable measures, precisely to avoid the possibility of lockdown”, citing: Return of telework where possible, in public and private sector, immediate order of private clinics to enter the battle of the pandemic, mass prescribing tests and for vaccinated. “When we have about 8,000 cases every day and a vaccinated worker, who has probably come in contact with a case, goes to work normally, that is part of the problem,” he said. He also underlined SYRIZA’s position for the cancellation of the “mergers of approximately 1,000 school departments nationwide, promoted by the government in the midst of a pandemic”.

Mr. Iliopoulos accused the government regarding the budget for 2022, claiming that “in health alone, public funding is reduced by 820 million euros, while 1.7 billion are cut from social spending, such as unemployment or support for the disabled “. “This budget does not take into account the big steps that need to be taken to address the precision, such as the reduction of the Excise Tax on oil and gas, which is compatible with the European framework,” he added. As he noted, “it does not include a substantial increase in the minimum wage, except for this 2%, which has already been covered by price increases”, which especially for electricity “is the main wound not only for citizens but also for businesses”. “Especially in the agricultural sector, the income of farmers will be crushed by the increases in raw materials, pesticides, energy,” said the SYRIZA spokesman.

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