KINAL elections: On Monday at 22.00 the debate of the presidential candidates


On Monday, November 29, at 22.00, ERT will broadcast live the telematch of five of the six candidates for president of the Movement for Change. The discussion will be moderated by the journalist and presenter of ERT’s main news bulletin, Adriana Paraskevopoulou, while the questions to the political leaders will be asked by journalists Pavlos Tsimas, George Kouvaras and Tassos Pappas.

With this broadcast, ERT presents a new debate model. The aim of the public television after the request of the participating candidates is the most complete information of the viewers, but also the upgrade of the process that we knew until today.

The first innovation that was decided, in consultation with the participating candidates Nikos Androulakis, Pavlos Geroulanos, Harry Kastanidis, Andrea Loverdo, Pavlos Christidis is the participation of only three journalists. This will allow journalists to ask more questions to each candidate, and in addition all three will have the opportunity – twice during the debate – to intervene in the flow of the process by asking a clarifying question, whenever they choose. The second innovation – which has not happened again in our country – is that after the end of each thematic unit, each candidate will be able (if he wishes) to comment for 45 ” on the answers of his fellow candidates, which have preceded.

Finally, there will be a direct dialogue between them, as after the completion of the five thematic units, each candidate will be able to ask, for one minute, a question to any of his fellow candidates and he will answer in one and a half minutes.

The thematic sections of the debate are as follows:

1. Crisis management: Pandemic and welfare state – Economic crisis – Climate change – Energy crisis – Demographic

2. Foreign policy: National issues – The relationship with Turkey – Immigration

3. Democracy – Institutions – Justice – Political System – Administration and Local Government – New technologies

4. The position of the Movement for Change in the political scene – Politics, electoral strategy and alliances – The relationship with N.D. and SYRIZA – The future of the party – The Greek and European social democracy – The next day

5. Free question outside the thematic context

As for the procedure agreed for the five sections, the duration of each journalistic question should not exceed 30 ” and the duration of each answer 90 ”. Adriana Paraskevopoulou will ask the first and final question of the teleconference.

A strictly limited number of people will be allowed in the building where the debate will take place (in Studio D of Katehaki), while everyone, without exception, will have to show a negative Rapid test, which they will have performed on the day of the telematch. The use of a mask will be mandatory in all indoor areas, with the sole exception of participating politicians and journalists during the debate.

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