Dendias: The 215 agreements are a huge arsenal for the country

Dendias: The 215 agreements are a huge arsenal for the country

Nikos Dendias clearly emphasized, during the swearing-in ceremony of the KSΦ (26th) educational series of prospective embassy assistants and the awarding of study diplomas in the KE΄ (25th) educational series of embassy assistants, held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that if something does not change for anyone represents Greece, is the commitment to respecting the rules of International Law.

Huge arsenal characterized the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias them 215 total bilateral and multilateral agreements which were signed last three years, “something that has never been done in Greek history”as he said, during the swearing-in ceremony of the KS’ (26th) educational series of candidate embassy followers and the awarding of study diplomas in the KE’ (25th) educational series of embassy followers, held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At the same time, Nikos Dendias clearly emphasized that if something does not change for whoever represents Greece, it is the commitment to respect the rules of International Law, “this was, is, will be the pillar of our foreign policy”. “The reason why we are seeking the three seats in the UN, the participation in the Security Council, the Human Rights Council for the first time in our history, the presidency of the UN General Assembly” completed.

Addressing the new embassy attachés, Nikos Dendias said: “As members of the diplomatic services, you are invited to defend the interests of Greece, with a solid foundation of European values, International Law, the strong deterrent force of our homeland. You are invited to contribute to the formation of an active, multidimensional foreign policy, a multi-level policy, representing a country that cooperates with the states of both our immediate and wider region, representing a country that builds understandings, builds alliances, but based on common values, principles , rules”.

Note how “we have broadened the horizons of the policy in which you are called to draft and serve, from Europe, the Balkans, to the Gulf, the Indo-Pacific, from Africa to the US and Latin America. And you will serve not only diplomacy in the narrow traditional sense, but a broader diplomacy, economic, energy, public. We all know the importance this broader subject has acquired in recent years.”

Also, Nikos Dendias emphasized that the new followers it is the new breath in the diplomatic staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that they are taking over from a good place. “Recently our country has signed two agreements on the demarcation of maritime zones, it has a third agreement with Albania in the beginning after the agreements with Egypt and Italy which took a decade to get to this point. Also, after two very important protocols for the renewal of the mutual defense cooperation agreement with the USA and also the conclusion of the defense agreements, in principle with France, but also with the United Arab Emirates. A huge arsenal followed by a total of 215 bilateral and multilateral agreements signed in the last three years, something that has never been done in Greek history” underlined the Minister of Foreign Affairs.


However, he noted that they would serve in a different world and “you will serve, I hope, in a different State Department, created by the administrative and digital reform that is taking place, precisely to give you the foundation you need to be able to represent the interests of our country in this different world.”

He noted that the training of the 26th series began in November 2021, lasted 9 months, amid unprecedented conditions, the continuation of the pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine that changed the world, the increasing challenges to the security of our homeland, and congratulated the young followers for their graduation and wished them a great career.

They attended the ceremony the President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou, who was welcomed at the entrance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Nikos Dendias, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kostas Fragogannis and the Secretary General of International Economic Relations and Outreach Yiannis Smyrlis and close friends of the graduates.


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