Tsipras: Mitsotakis saboteur of vaccination – Instead of punitive measures encouragement, incentives


The president of SYRIZA-PS Alexis Tsipras characterized the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis as a “saboteur of vaccination” on the occasion of the new measures announced by the Prime Minister at noon.

“I am very afraid that with these measures, from where we accused him, and I think rightly, that he had picked up a white towel in the vaccination attempt, he becomes a saboteur of the vaccination. Because instead of having the desired result, ie the strengthening of the effort and the vaccination coverage, we will have a wave of reaction and I think that this will not help anyone “, Alexis Tsipras predicted in a meeting he had with the presidency of POEDIN.

The president of SYRIZA-PS stated that he was extremely worried about the evolution of the pandemic and extremely worried about the way the government is dealing with the pandemic. “There is a lack of planning, a lack of strategy, sloppiness,” he said, stressing that on the one hand Mr. Mitsotakis states that he has no obligation to force anyone to be vaccinated and that the obligation has reached its limits and on the other today announces measures that have not been implemented anywhere else in the EU, anywhere else in the world.

Give positive motivation

As he said, the logic of SYRIZA-PS is that extreme and punitive measures should be replaced with measures of encouragement and positive motivation. “Instead of imposing fines, it will be worthwhile to think of encouraging even financially motivated those who will make the first and third installments,” said Alexis Tsipras, stressing the need to do what the government did not do in the past, a information and persuasion campaign. “Convince people of the value of vaccination to save their lives, not to lose half of their pension,” he said.

The strengthening of the NSS is a crucial issue

Al. Tsipras spoke of a double tragic failure of the government, not only in the field of vaccination but also in strengthening the NSS, warning that the next two months will be extremely dramatic for the national health system and for the people who are in the front line.

As he said, immediate measures must be taken to make Christmas with elementary humanity and not to see the picture with hundreds of deaths and people being treated outside the ICU.

“The system is not enduring, we have already reached the limits and according to the statistics the number will increase”, he said and proposed the request of the private hospitals now as well as to cover in every possible way the needs for live material in the NSS.

At the same time, however, he said, efforts should be made to reduce the contagion during this time and there should be another strategy in relation to the 50 + 1 that applies to schools, because a quarter of cases occur in schools and asymptomatic students come into contact with grandfathers and grandmothers. And as he mentioned, something should be done with the tragic picture on public transport where there are no protection measures.

“Losing 100 to 110 people every day is not simple, and we should not become accustomed to it, we must act immediately to normalize this situation,” he said.

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