Androulakis in SKAI 100.3: The goal is for the team to become the protagonist again


“The goal is for the party to become a protagonist again,” Nikos Androulakis pointed out to SKAI 100.3 in view of the Movement Party’s internal party elections next Sunday. “We are a party of power,” he added.

Mr. Androulakis even interjected that “those who left the party and took chairs will find the door closed”.

The MEP stated that “the sun of PASOK will return, and it will be the symbol of the party, this is what the majority demands …”

As he pointed out, “the good thing is that yearbooks have been broken, the party has a great opportunity ahead of it”.

On the scales of supply after the change of government, the PASOK faction offered more to the country than from ND and SYRIZA, the MEP stressed.

He accused Mr. Mitsotakis that “he is timid and easily compromised”. “While he was playing center, he has embraced the entire right wing of ND,” he said characteristically.

Mistakes were made, he said of the PASOK government, but the country went bankrupt in the hands of ND. “PASOK took a country with a bomb in its hands. There had to be a national government,” he said.

ND, added Mr. Androulakis, while it was the party that brought the bankruptcy, survived the crisis.

“I never expected to get here, it was never in my plan,” said Mr. Androulakis.

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