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Greek-Turkish: Ankara’s nerves for Berlin’s support in Athens – Kalin for Abdul Hamit


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Berlin has now also formed a complete image in favor of Athens after the barrage of contacts by Analena Berbock in Greece and Turkey, as was also reflected both during the statements she made from Greek territory, in Athens, together with the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias, but also from the strict messages she issued from Istanbul during the corresponding press conference she gave with her Turkish counterpart Bevlut Cavusoglu

By Penelope Galliou

With Athens’ allies making clear their support for our country, against Turkish provocationputting “against” Ankara, Nikos Dendias sent a new message of calmness and determination based on the policy of soft tones always in the context of International Law and the continuous strengthening of our country’s alliances.

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The country is doing what it has to do. He reacts calmly. She repeats her positions. He is not involved in personal disputes. It does not personify differences. It remains within the framework of International Law and the European framework that serves its interests. We are not an expansionist country, we do not demand anything from anyonesaid the Minister of Foreign Affairs in an interview.

Athens, after all after the double brake of Germany and France on Turkish revisionism and the stern messages to Ankara issued by the German Foreign Minister Analena Burbok and the French woman Catherine Colonnais reaping the benefits of the diplomatic marathon of internationalization of Turkish provocation and the strengthening of Greece’s international alliances.

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Two observations can be made from Burbok’s trip to Athens: firstly, the adoption of the Greek positions regarding Greek-Turkish issues and secondly, the transmission of a strict message to Ankara, that the Greek borders are also European. This message cannot be misinterpretedND MP and internationalist Tasos Hatzivasiliou commented to SKAI.

Germany’s attitude

Comprehensive picture in favor of Athens has now also formed Berlin after Analena Burbok’s barrage of contacts in Greece and Turkey, as was reflected both in the statements she made from Greek soil, in Athens, together with the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias, but also by the strict messages she sent from Istanbul during corresponding press conference she gave with her Turkish counterpart Bevlut Cavusoglu

As reported by the SKAI correspondent in Germany, Dimitra Kyranoudisciting diplomatic sources, Germany, albeit belatedly, realized in practice that the Turkish challenge to Greek sovereignty in the Aegean is not just a political show for Tayyip Erdogan’s internal consumptionin view of the 2023 elections, but a conscious strategic choice of Ankara towards Greece and the EU as a whole.

Berlin therefore faces Turkish revisionism, as dangerous for the destabilization of security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean region, which potentially endangers or may endanger peace in the wider region. In fact, given the recent example of Russian revisionism, as manifested by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany and Europe can no longer ignore similar trends observed in the Eastern Mediterranean.

According to the same diplomatic sources of Germany, a deliberate target of Analena Burbok, and this was also shown by his anger Mevlut Cavusoglu, was the removal of any doubt regarding the observance of equal distances and neutrality of Germany towards Ankara and Athens. Analena Babok wanted to put an end to this issue and as it was clearly seen, she did it from Turkish soil, maximizing Turkish irritation.

Germany and thus the EU will not accept sovereignty challenges” is in any case the message of Berlin, and even more so, that Germany, according to the same sources, treats the issue of Turkish challenges and non-existent claims, as a questioning of the European external borders and in this sense the message to Turkey is that “Turkish provocation is closely monitored and Germany and the EU have response mechanisms in place, based on European fundamental principles and International Law”.

The irritation of Ankara

Analena Burbock’s trip to Greece and Turkey is also positively assessed in favor of Athens by the German press, characterizing Burbock’s contacts as crucial, which “they sealed German support to Greece for Greek-Turkish”. Valuation that maximizes the annoyance of Ankara which does not hesitate to attack directly beyond Greece and against the German Foreign Minister, with the representative of the Turkish presidency Ibrahim Kalin to call her ignorant!

Greece clearly violates international law, the Treaties of Lausanne and Paris. But he goes to the West and tries to accuse Turkey of doing things. We saw it, the foreign minister of Germany took these positions and in a superficial and ignorant way tried to repeat them in Turkey. But the foreign minister gave us the appropriate answers, so be it” he said.

Ibrahim Kalin challenges again for drilling who is preparing to do the driller Abdul Hamid Khan, in areas it claims has been given permission by the occupied regime and accuses Greece of reaching beyond its borders. “The areas that are said to be controversial are related to the maximalist positions of Greece. For us there is no area that is controversial. But Greece through the islands has maximalist positions and due to seven islands in the area it claims a maritime area of ​​40,000 sq. km.” Erdogan’s spokesman said.

Erdogan’s “instead” outlines a situation similar to the summer of 2020, when the drilling rig Oruc Reis, at the time, was roaming in the wider area of ​​the Eastern Mediterranean questioning the limits of the Greek continental shelf.

Like the Oruc Reis, but also our other ships have done surveys in these areas, so the ship ‘Sultan Abdul Hamit’ will do its work, we will also work in areas where we have received permission from the TRNC for the plots, we already have the right to do such research work in our own territorial waters“, he stated in an interview.​

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