Bakoyannis: Erdogan is too pressured for “tarzanies” – Unrest is a bad thing


“Unrest is always a bad thing,” said Dora Bakoyannis, speaking about developments in Turkey on SKAI TV and the “Today” show.

She expressed concern about what is happening in the neighbor, saying that no one can be happy about the destabilization and economic situation of a large country like Turkey, which is actually faltering economically.

Ms. Bakoyannis said that the feeling of insecurity is growing in Turkey and on the other hand there are more questions about the strength of Greece, its defense, cooperation and alliances of our country that are stable.

“This stability that Greece has is the big problem of Turkey,” said Ms. Bakoyannis, adding that at the moment there is nothing absolutely stable in Turkey.

Regarding the possibility of provoking a hot incident in Cyprus, Ms. Bakoyannis expressed doubts whether Erdogan “will make a big fuss” where Americans are currently (Exxon Mobil drilling) without ruling out such a possibility on the adjacent plot of land in Cyprus. where the French are active.

“I see him too pressed inside his forehead to make ‘tarzanies'”, Mrs. Dora Bakoyannis estimated for Edogan. In the journalist’s comment that Greece is constantly on the “menu” for the Turkish president, he replied that this is because “Greece is now an example of success for Turkey and this is difficult to bear. When the opposition comes out and says to you: “look at how much the salary is in Greece and how much it is for us” and that hurts them.

Commenting on the possibility of political developments in the neighbor, Ms. Bakoyannis said that “many people are talking and preparing for the next day in Turkey, but this does not mean that” you are writing off Erdogan “. He explained that the Turkish president is a determined man, who knows that if he leaves power, things will not be easy for him.

“So what elections will he make? How will he do them? Under what conditions will they be made? “All these are questions that we will have to wait for to be answered,” he stressed.

Another parameter set by Ms. Bakoyannis is that there should be no illusions about the opposition in Turkey as in many issues concerning Greece it is much harsher than Erdogan.

“We have and we have a ” mania ” in Greece to interfere in the interior of a country; ” Erdogan left, we solved the problems. ” “It is not like that,” he noted.

Dora Bakoyannis pointed out that our defense and our diplomatic activity, as well as the stability of the Greek positions, depend primarily on Greece, which is, as she said, the great advantage of our country.

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