Coronavirus: What will decide whether or not the mandatory vaccination will be extended


There is a general discussion about the possibility of extending the mandatory vaccination against coronavirus in our country, beyond the health and citizens over 60 years.

The government today left open the possibility of mandatory vaccinations in other categories, with government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou answering a relevant question that “we are ready at any time what we need to do for the pandemic to do it.”

Government officials explain to SKAI that the extension of the obligation is on the “table” but no immediate decisions are expected.

The development of the case will be judged by the pressure exerted by the pandemic on the health system but also by the degree of shielding of the groups that are most at risk of becoming seriously ill or dying of coronavirus.

According to the SKAI report, the government, before taking any decisions, will assess the course of vaccinations in citizens over 60 and of course the indicators of the pandemic as the Christmas holidays approach, which “scare” the experts due to the large concentrations of citizens. .

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