Kalafatis: For those who were in a hurry to leak scripts, a proverb: Whoever is in a hurry, stumbles


The management of investment projects in the Directorate of Private Investments of the Macedonia and Thrace Sector of the Ministry of Interior remains.

Pursuant to Article 34, Paragraph 2b of the Law “On Strategic Investments and improvements of the investment environment through the acceleration of processes in Private and Strategic Investments and the creation of a framework for Technoblastos Companies”, the Management retains the responsibility of integrated management of already submitted to it while for subsequent announcements of regimes under Law 4399/2016 continues with the responsibility for investment plans that will have a budget of 1,000,000 euros – 3,000,000 euros.

In a relevant statement, the Undersecretary of Interior (Macedonia – Thrace) Stavros Kalafatis states: private investors and sound business.

Thanks to the joint action with the Deputy Minister of Development, friend Nikos Papathanasis, the Management undertakes, in addition, the management of investment projects from 1-3 million euros, which increases the responsibilities.

I am sure that the Management and its staff, from the first to the last, will respond – once again – to the new conditions and will be evaluated positively.

“For those who were in a hurry to leak scripts and post on social networking sites, a popular proverb:” Whoever is in a hurry, stumbles, “said Mr. Kalafatis.

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