Panagiotopoulos: Greece-US cooperation supports peace and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean


“Greece is a reliable, strong and consistent ally and pillar of stability in the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa. The cooperation and initiatives we develop with other countries in our region are based on international law and the principles of good neighborliness above all. At the same time, however, Greece has had and always has the readiness and capabilities to defend its sovereignty and sovereign rights and will do so effectively and decisively whenever and wherever it is required. What is happening now in Alexandroupolis, of course, and does not have an aggressive orientation towards anyone. “What is heard is jokes.”

The above was stated by the Minister of National Defense, Nikos Panagiotopoulos from the capital of Evros in his speech today on the day of distinguished visitors organized in the framework of the Atlantic Resolve 2021 exercise. Greece does not like and is not threatened by anyone “and therefore” we intensify our diplomatic efforts in all directions, we intensify the field of defense and strategic cooperation, synergies with friends and allied countries, we strengthen our alliances but at the same time we do what we need to strengthen the overall deterrent power of E.D. us… “, he noted characteristically.

Mr. Panagiotopoulos referred to the significant improvements in the functionality of the port of Alexandroupolis, as a result of the Greek-US cooperation, which give new opportunities for the economic development not only of the city but also of the wider area of ​​PAMTH. and Northern Greece. “Alexandroupolis, due to the geostrategic position of its port, can attract large investments, including new infrastructure projects at the piers, installation of the floating regasification terminal, interconnection with the railway network as well as the Egnatia Odos and the planned extension to the area. fuel pipeline. These investments create a new dynamic and stimulus of economic activity, new jobs and benefits for the country and this perspective is now obvious and visible to the naked eye… The transport infrastructure and the road network of the wider area create the conditions for “The port of Alexandroupolis is a strategic hub on a vertical axis to the north for the rapid transport of people and goods, especially important for the energy security of Europe, among others.”

The Minister of National Defense did not fail to mention the commercial section of the port on the occasion of the presence of a ship transporting grain, something that he said in other times would not be possible due to the inability to dock large ships at the same time.

He extensively presented the Greek-US cooperation, talking about the commitment of the governments of the two countries to deepen and expand even more their strategic defense partnership and cooperation. “A strategic and mutually beneficial cooperation which is inspired by the desire of the two countries to contribute substantially to the security, stability and prosperity of our wider region. The strategic relationship between Greece and the USA is based on strong timeless ties between our countries and peoples and on common values. The recent signing in Washington of the protocol amending this agreement on mutual defense cooperation between the two Foreign Ministers of our countries, upgrades our relationship to an even higher level with the aim of strengthening the interoperability of our Armed Forces and on the other hand protecting the security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of our countries through actions that threaten peace. “

The Minister of National Defense underlined the contribution of the American Ambassador Jeffrey Payat, “in all this great work, both the upgrading of the Greek-US strategic cooperation in the defense sector and in what is happening here in Alexandroupolis”, while he also praised her contribution. military and political leadership of the ministry and the ambassador and his associates in the new signing of the amendment of the single defense agreement “, which, as he said, is mainly a defense agreement.

Finally, Mr. Panagiotopoulos stated that he is particularly satisfied “given that this is the third time since July 2020 that we participate in similar events and similar exercises, a fact that highlights the growing strategic character of the port of Alexandroupolis”, adding that today ” It proves in practice that Greece and the USA, the USA and Greece are committed and have the will to deal effectively with all means the challenges and threats and to preserve security and stability in the wider region as providers of security and stability. “Strengthening our strategic defense relationship ultimately shields our two countries from any threat and essentially supports peace and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean and the wider region.”

Among the distinguished visitors to the Atlantic Resolve 2021 exercise, in addition to the Minister of National Defense, Nikos Panayotopoulos, were the US Ambassador Jeffrey Payat, the Chief of General Staff, General Konstantinos Floros, the Chief of Staff, the Director General, Lieutenant General of the Alexandroupolis Port Authority Costas Hatzimichael and Costas Hatzikonstantinou respectively, the deputies of Evros of N.D. Tasos Dimoschakis, Christos Dermentzopoulos, Stavros Keletsis and the vice-governor of Evros, Dimitris Petrovic.

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