Elections – KINAL: Large turnout – 115,000 citizens have already voted – 500 votes per minute!


The turnout of the citizens in the internal party elections for the election of a new president of the Movement for Change, according to an announcement of the Ethics Committee for the Implementation of the Statute and Certification (EDEKAP) for the development of the voting. It is indicative that the rate reached earlier about 500 votes per minute.

Speaking to SKAI 100.3, the party secretary Manolis Christodoulakis made it known that by noon 115,000 citizens had voted in Greece and it is a bet that the turnout will rise to over 212,000 citizens who voted in 2017.

He stated that no serious problem has been reported by the country’s polling stations except for a small problem in Aaghtonisi that has been restored.

Mr. Christodoulakis added that due to the large attendance it is possible to extend an additional hour, until 8 pm. If no extension is given, the first results are expected at 9 to 10 pm.

According to information from SKAI, in the first four hours in the internal party elections of 2017, 29,000 citizens had voted, while today the votes exceeded 50,000, and this leads the KINAL agents to the extension.

In Australia the voting has been completed, while the polling stations of the other European countries opened 1 or 2 hours after Greece. In America, voting has not yet begun.

The statements of the candidates for leadership

“Today the green sun rises again,” said George Papandreou.

“A clear mandate for renewal and political autonomy,” Nikos Androulakis demanded.

“It’s finally time to move the Democratic Party forward. I call on all Greek women, all Greeks to come to our democratic ballot box today. “It is time for PASOK to go forward, for our Greece to go high,” said Andreas Loverdos.

“PASOK has returned,” said Pavlos Geroulanos. “I want to say to all the progressive citizens who are listening to us today, go to the polls. Change is you,” he said.

“A day of optimism and strength is dawning. A day that we will dare to create the great Democratic Party, the PASOK of the new era “stressed Pavlos Christidis.

“I wish the Democratic Party a rise after December 12,” said Haris Kastanidis.

Where did the candidates vote?

– George Papandreou voted at the Old Town Hall of Tavros.
– Andreas Loverdos voted in the BD KAPI of the Municipality of Metamorfosi.
– Nikos Androulakis voted at the Municipal Sports and Spiritual Center of Heraklion, Crete.
– Pavlos Christidis voted at the 22nd Municipal Store of the Municipality of Athens.
– Pavlos Geroulanos voted at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens.
– Haris Kastanidis voted in the 5th District of the Municipal Community in Thessaloniki.

THE monitors the electoral process for the election of the new President of KINAL.

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