Stefanis to SKAI: Turkish neo-Ottomanism is a threat – F-35 supply is necessary


He analyzed the neo-Ottomanism of Turkey, which is a threat to our country, but also the three levels in which Greece is moving to face the dangers. Alkiviadis Stefanis, former Deputy Minister of Defense and Honorary Chief of General Staff speaking on SKAI TV and the show “Today”.

“The Armed Forces and the Security Forces have such potential that they really guarantee – and they have shown this, with their love for the homeland and the sense of sacrifice of the ” me ” to the ” us ”, they guarantee the territorial our independence. We must be calm and proud “, assured Mr. Stefanis.

It threatens our way of life as a whole

He explained that Turkey is a threat not only to one region or one of our islands but to our way of life as a whole, as in the context of neo-Ottomanism it tries to restore them to its periphery, countries that once belonged to it.

Thus, Mr. Stefanis added, Turkey is trying to have a say in Greece, in our defense supplies, who will visit our islands, what will happen to the minorities in our country or with whom we will conclude international agreements.

Greece’s attitude on a regular, operational and political / strategic level

Mr. Stefanis explained that the attitude of Greece is completely different and moves on three levels, in tactical, operational and political / strategic.

Regular level: If we feel that something is happening near Kastelorizo, we are ready. If we feel that an area is threatened, we increase the readiness of our forces and we also increase our diplomatic contacts.

Business level: See the exercises that took place yesterday in Alexandroupolis and 5 days ago in Rhodes.

Strategic / political / diplomatic level: The current presence of the Prime Minister in Russia and yesterday in Israel are indicative.

The strengths of Greece – How it promotes them

The Honorary Chief of General Staff explained that Greece does not come to the EU, the UN or the US asking for help, but highlighting its strengths, which are many.

Among other things, he mentioned the position of Greece with its unique geography, its strong position in the economy despite the problems, but also its attitude towards immigration, which showed that it has the ability to defend its sovereign rights.

“By promoting our alliances and our strengths, we have enabled others to stand by us,” he said.

It is necessary to join the F-35 family

Regarding the supply of F-35s, Mr. Stefanis said that the discussion that is taking place today is the same as the one that took place years ago on whether Greece should join the F-16 family.

“It is necessary to join there,” he said, explaining that the F-35 is not a simple weapon system, but a “multi-tool”, a weapons systems platform from which you can manage all the weapons you have in the air, land and sea.

We respond with determination in case of crisis

Regarding the possibility of a crisis with Turkey, Mr. Stefanis stated that Greece will respond as it always did, “with absolute determination at every level, in tactical, operational and diplomatic”.

He explained that Greece is trying not to militarize the crisis, as the solutions are primarily in diplomacy “and diplomacy is doing extremely well”.

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