Plevris: Mr. Giannakos will be called by Justice to prove what he says – I am outraged


In the coming days, the president of POEDIN will be called by Justice to prove what he says, said the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris speaking on SKAI TV and the show “Atairiastoi”, after the complaints of Michalis Giannakos about ICU that are kept for VIP patients.

“Those who do not go to the prosecutor’s office to say what they complain about, will be called to account for the lies they tell. “I do not expect the prosecutor’s office to move, I am moving and I ask the prosecutor’s office to check the false and slanderous reports that have been made”, stressed the Minister of Health.

Mr. Plevris reiterated that these were lies and said he was outraged as he said he could be criticized for omissions or because there are not enough ICUs but it is completely different to characterize the government as criminals by a specific trade unionist.

“To say that doctors and nurses, and obviously also political leaders, are in a criminal circuit that keeps beds empty so that if Ntsunos, Koutras or Plevris falls ill, they can have an ICU bed and have no other fellow citizens, forgive me this is very false, slanderous and I inform you that I have already prepared the report of criminal acts to submit it.

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