Loverdos: SYRIZA gave a “line” to the aygyros and they voted in an organized way – Papandreou destroyed me


“There was a line from SYRIZA in favor of a specific candidate” in the first round of the internal party elections, “from SYRIZA they came organized and voted”, but “the people of ND did not vote, apart from sporadic appearances of some of the ruling party”, Andreas stressed Loverdos, one of the candidates for the leadership of KINAL, speaking in the First Program 105.8 and 91.6.

From what they tell me, because I did not experience it since I was not in the polling stations all day, from SYRIZA there was a “line” for a specific candidate. I appreciate who, but I can not say the name. I was not bothered by this, I do not complain. This also increased the participation. Fine. “The bet for the new leadership will be to keep this world,” he said, while firing on George Papandreou.

With his decision to run, Mr. Papandreou “destroyed me first”, he said characteristically, explaining that “if you look at the results in western Greece and Attica where I was first but my difference was not as expected, Mr. Papandreou did a move that had consequences for me. ” “The second consequence is ‘on’ him. I had told him that as a former prime minister, his role was to support the late Fofi Gennimata, who was then alive, to ensure a smooth run towards the December 5 elections. He did what he wanted to do, right. He suffers the consequences first of all. “I asked him to do it back, at the beginning of the week,” he added.

Mr. Loverdos underlined that in the second round of the internal party elections, Nikos Androulakis will vote without the “slightest transaction”. “Mr. Androulakis had called me, I did not pick up the phone. I made my announcement and then I called him. There was not the slightest trade give and take. I did it because I believe it should be done. And this week I’m just as decent, I’m saying what I’m going to do, and we’re moving on to the second round. I hope on Monday we are all united. “I believe that those who have chosen the path of acidity this week, must abandon it,” he added.

Shock my exclusion – Why I support Androulaki
The KINAL MP and former minister admitted that his exclusion from the second round of the internal party elections was a “shock”. “The statement in support of Nikos Androulakis was a” small manifesto of Loverdos “after my personal defeat and I explain the reasons. I mention that every politician has advantages and disadvantages like all of us, both of whom were my co-candidates a few days ago. The electorate sees the advantages and voted on them. As for the disadvantages, I said that one is not fair, because he has been the leader of this faction again and the election of a leader without hope is not right. The other is not an MP at the same time, with all that entails. So weighing these, and seeing the majority of December 5, it is self-evident for me, to vote for Nikos Androulakis without being the leader of the people “, he pointed out.

He explained that he does not consider the 70,000 people who voted for him to be “sheep”, so that they need orders for what they will do. “But I, as a member of the faction, will vote for this,” he said, explaining that he did not make the decision alone, but after a discussion with his close associates, such as Dimitris Konstantopoulos, Nadia Giannakopoulou, Hara Kefalidou and Spyros Karanikolas , who also made public statements. He added that discussions were held with other executives, such as Eva Kaili and Leonidas Grigorakos.

“As soon as we hang up the phone I start for Thessaloniki, where I will gather with my people, to thank them for the fight they gave. I will do the same in Athens next week. I owe it to the 70,000 people who supported me to honor them. If I were president I would honor them with my policies, now that I am not president I will honor them with my behavior and attitude. I will not disappear, I will not forget them, I will be here. I am present, I am dynamic, but beyond the potential of my struggle, I will fight with modesty and unity. “What I have said before the elections, I will keep,” he said.

Bets and the bar
According to Mr. Loverdos, the issues he had raised for the restoration of PASOK and its symbols, the more than doubling of the party’s percentages, the welfare state and the fight against bureaucracy remain “bets”. “These will be the policy axes, the starting positions and the values, based on which I will be in the party. A politician without clear views, what is it “, he wondered, saying that he would consider it a great success if 200,000 people come to the second round of the internal party elections. “In 2017, 212,000 had voted on the first Sunday and 155,000 on the second. So there is always a reduction in participation in the second round. “It makes sense for it to be repeated, but I do not know,” he said, urging citizens to go to the polls.

“Decency and culture”
“The clearest in political terms, I was the one who did not win,” said Mr. Loverdos, emphasizing that during the election campaign for the first round, there was “decency and culture” of 5 of the candidates. “Because we were not all in the debate. I was also the sharpest in the debate. I did not get answers, I posed properly and I commented on them properly. The other 4 co-candidates, for their part, followed the same logic of dignity and decency. People would say “well done” to us the next day. We have proved that this party, although it has been looted by executives, remains with many important people. It is in honor of the team and I am very happy to belong to it. The 70,000 who voted for me is a great honor, they voted for me and my views, they did not vote for me on a catwalk. I was very specific in my election role. “So I will continue based on these views of mine,” he said.

He denied that he was acting as “anti-SYRIZA”, saying that in politics we should all be in the “plus” and not in the “minus”. “Anti”, “anti-communist”, “anti-so”, anti-right, “anti-SW”, “instead of SYRIZA” do not exist. These terms never expressed me. You have to project what you are, not what you are not. Do not be self-determined “, underlined Mr. Loverdos.


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