Mitarakis to SKAI: Turkey’s obligation to prevent illegal departures of migrants


The minister noted that especially the sailing ships that depart from Turkey are broken vessels and are handled by people without experience.

An appeal to Ankara to take immediate measures to prevent all irregular departures from Turkey, especially when there are difficult weather conditions in the Aegean like today, the Minister of Immigration and Asylum addresses Notis Mitarakis, on the occasion of the shipwrecks last night in Lesvos and Kythira with many dead and missing.

Speaking to SKAI 100.3, the minister said that there is information from the coast guard that even now that there are bad conditions in the Aegean, attempts are being made to launch boats from the Turkish coast.

He stated that he has contacted the Turkish government and expressed the hope that there will be some reaction. However, the minister reminded that Turkey has a permanent obligation to prevent any illegal departure, especially when bad weather conditions prevail.

He noted that especially the sailing ships that depart from Turkey are boats broken down and operated by inexperienced people.

With reference to the number of immigrants who are in structures in our country, Notis Mitarakis clarified that they amount to 18 thousand, from 92 thousand three years ago, while 34 structures are operating from 212 three years ago.

He also stated that there are 30-40 thousand recognized refugees and 50-50 thousand asylum seekers in Greece

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