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Economou for diesel: We do not react impulsively – We intervene at the right time


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Earlier, sources from the Ministry of Finance announced that the diesel subsidy will start from November 1, if prices do not drop substantially in the interim.

“The government has proven that it does not react impulsively, but intervenes at the right time, so that we have the maximum possible efficiency. No decisions are expected in the next few days” answered the government representative, Yiannis Oikonomou, to a question about the possibility of new government intervention aimed at holding down the price of diesel.

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Earlier, sources from the Ministry of Finance announced that the diesel subsidy will start from November 1, unless prices fall substantially in the interim.

As for the upcoming one EU Summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, the government representative noted that “we can be modestly optimistic that this time decisions will be made, the focus being on the adoption of our proposals both for a common supply of natural gas, and our philosophy of imposing some kind of ceiling.

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Greece, which took the lead for the need to take measures, will also insist on the upcoming European Council”.

In regards to Greek-Turkish, the government representative called it good to have channels of communication, as happened with the recent meeting between Panagiotopoulos and Akar. He called on Turkey to put aside the dead-end practice of challenges, insults and anecdotal claims, noting that problems cannot be solved in this way.

“There is no other path for Turkey than that of respecting treaties and International Law, with its practice Turkey demonstrates to the entire international community who is a factor of stability and who of instability in the wider region.”

With reference to the post of the Minister of Immigration and Asylum, Noti Mitarakis, in which he calls on the opposition to consent to the application of the electoral system of the enhanced proportional from the coming elections, so that the period of uncertainty of the caretaker government does not intervene, Mr. Economou emphasized that the statement of Mr. Mitarakis does not aim to circumvent the Constitution and reminded that the debate on the electoral law has been closed.

Regarding the case of the rape of a 19-year-old woman at the Omonia police station, Mr. Oikonomou emphasized that all the relevant procedures have been initiated and the alleged culprits have been placed in custody and explained that “individual incidents, which cannot be tolerated and are reprehensible , cannot cast shadows on the great work that EL.AS is doing. for the safety of citizens”.

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