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Internationalization and deconstruction of the Turkish claims by Athens against the new lionization of Ankara


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The strength of Greek opinions is at its highest level in recent years as Greece continuously finds listening ears in the international community and its allies and partners

By Penelope Galliou

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Firmly oriented towards its basic strategy, which is the internationalization and deconstruction of the Turkish challenges at the rhetorical level but also on the field – now – Athens is watching with calmness and attention the new lionizations of Ankara.

According to government sources, the strength of Greek opinions is at its highest level in recent years as Greece continuously finds listening ears in the international community and its allies and partners, while at the same time it has strengthened the deterrent power of the country to a very large extent throughout the previous period and continues.

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At the same time opposite to the non-existent and revisionary challenges of Ankara, the Greek side remains firmly oriented to the principles and values ​​of International Law. “They must understand in Turkey that no matter how many times you repeat a lie, it does not become the truth. All the more so when Greece is a country, which is allied with International Law, at all times highlights the provocativeness and non-existence of the Turkish claims. Cool, self-confident, unyielding, Greece is here, as a factor of stability and peace, but without any compromise regarding its national sovereignty and its sovereign rights,” the government representative clearly explained for the umpteenth time.

The scope of Turkish revisionism was exposed with a parallel very strong symbolism the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias, from the shelter where he was in Kyiv with his Ukrainian counterpart as war sirens sounded in the Ukrainian capital. “The Greeks also have a great neighbor to our East. A neighbor who has issued a threat of war against us” said Mr. Dendias in front of Ukrainian, Greek and foreign journalists and crews covering the press conference at the Ukrainian shelter. “A neighbor who calls for the demilitarization of our territories, while he himself is deploying strong forces opposite our borders. A neighbor who illegally claims that parts of our land belong to him. A neighbor who repeatedly says that he will come one night suddenly. A neighbor who says that if we don’t give in to his complaints we will have the fate of Ukraine” concluded.

In this climate, and while after the ballistic missile test in the Black Sea The Tayyip Erdogan announced the increase in Turkey’s defense spending, the Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar continued the “carrot and whip” tactic against Greece. After the alleged opening of rapprochement and dialogue by Athens, he defiantly returned by making new recommendations to our country and once again distorting the reality. “It should be known to all that the armament enthusiasm of Greece or the Republic of Cyprus and the armament efforts will do nothing but increase the tension leading the situation to a stalemate” he stated and continued to boast about its defense equipment Turkey, which however is begging Washington to upgrade the Turkish F16s and equip it with new ones.

However, according to the experts, Turkey’s armament impasses contribute to a large extent to its jerky and provocative movements, and in this context the demonstration of power and arrogance that Ankara made with the missile test in the Black Sea is also classified. It is estimated that the goal of these movements is specific and, in particular, with regard to Greece, an attempt is made to intimidate Athens so that in the next year Athens will accept to sit at a dialogue table without conditions and context. At the same time, an attempt is being made to send a message to the west by extorting that if Ankara’s wishes are not met, then it may turn elsewhere geopolitically, mostly showing Vladimir Putin.

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