Pre-election “leonardisms” by Cavusoglu and Soylou – New statements against Greece

Pre-election “leonardisms” by Cavusoglu and Soylou – New statements against Greece

The head of Turkish diplomacy spoke of an “irrational fear of Greece”, which “needs clinical psychology” to be understood – The Turkish Minister of the Interior is true to his story about Greece and immigrants

Turkey’s Foreign Minister insists on pre-election “lionization” and derogatory expressions against Greece Mevlut Cavusoglu.

As reported by the SKAI correspondent in Istanbul, Manolis Kostidisin a speech at Mustafa Kemal University, the head of Turkish diplomacy said that “to understand Greece’s irrational fear of the Turks, one must know a little clinical psychology”.

Let’s remember that he himself Recep Tayyip Erdogan and several other ministers and associates, have threatened to invade the Greek islands, publicly questioning their sovereignty.

Soilou insists on his story

The Minister of the Interior of Turkey is on the same wavelength Suleiman Soyluwho insists on his narrative about Greece and immigrants.

“It was a policy to destabilize us, to make us xenophobic like them, to ensure that we deter any migrants who might come to them by killing, torturing and intimidating them in the same way that Greece does, and to create a steel wall for them. so they don’t go to Europe. They both implemented it themselves and tried to get us to do it through their strategic allies in Turkey. The goal was one: everyone to die, everyone to be afraid, no immigrants to come to us. We know this inhumane, malicious approach, this approach that brings problems to our field. And we are not and will not be anyone’s pawn, a warehouse for illegal immigrants,” he said.

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