Erdoğan like… Putin – Athens’ attitude to the repeated Turkish delusions

Erdoğan like… Putin – Athens’ attitude to the repeated Turkish delusions

Ankara’s ongoing delusions that go as far as invoking psychology, according to analysts, are part of the broader domestic and international impasse facing Ankara

By Penelope Galliou

Ironies and mocking comments are the new “entry” of the Turkish political leadership, in Ankara’s propaganda and disinformation against Greece, exceeding all limits of diplomatic and political dignity. On the contrary, the Greek side, faithful to the rules governing International Law and the codes of political decency, continues to respond to the Turkish incendiary rhetoric with arguments and proofs that only reflect the reality and the downfall of its neighbor.

In this environment, the message against revisionism and the aggressive neighbors of Greece and Ukraine, sent by Nikos Dendias with his article in KATHIMERINI TIS KIRIAKI, on the occasion his last trip to war-torn Kyiv and fully equates Putin’s tactics with Erdogan’s.” The Turkish side has fully adopted the Russian methods,” noted Mr. Dendias, adding that Turkey is making this clear with its often-threatened threat “be careful if you don’t want to become Ukraine.” Faced with the unprecedented challenge we face, wrote the Greek Foreign Minister in his article, “we respond by internationalizing Turkish aggression to allies and partners, building our alliances with our European partners, the US, countries in our wider neighborhood, as well as emerging powers that share the same values, such as India and Japan.”

Protagonist of Ankara’s “new chapter” of provocation, he was the head of Turkish diplomacy, Mevlut Cavusogluwho went overboard, ranting against Greece with psychology jokes. “To understand Greece’s irrational fear of the Turks, one must know a little clinical psychology” he commented while speaking at an event with students of the Business and Humanities University. He insisted on provoking with the Turkish-Libyan memorandum, threatening that Turkey will do whatever it wants in the Mediterranean. “We’re signing an agreement on maritime jurisdiction with Libya, we signed the last agreement on hydrocarbons and some people went berserk. What do you care; I sign an agreement with any country I want,” claimed the Turkish Foreign Minister.

Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis spoke in an interview about a “shameful construction of Ankara, which violates every concept of International Law, has no legal status and is already on diplomatic calendars”, stressing that “Greece, of course, does not stay with its hands crossed hands. It defends its interests and has already concluded strategic agreements with key countries such as Egypt and Israel. And this, obviously, bothers the opposite side” he concluded.

Alexis Tsipras was also mentioned in the illegal Turkish-Libyan memorandum closing the work of the central committee of SYRIZA by proposing the extension of the territorial waters of Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean. “Mind you, it’s not casus beli, it’s the Eastern Mediterranean and it’s our sovereign right. An absolutely clear message of exercising our sovereignty in accordance with International Law. This should be done in the context of a strategy that opens the debate on the delimitation of the EEZ and continental shelf with all the neighboring countries in the Eastern Mediterranean with Egypt, Libya, Cyprus and Turkey with the prospect of appealing to the International Court of Justice in The Hague” said the president of SYRIZA. He estimated that “it is the only perspective that can give a way out. To pursue a demarcation dialogue with clear red lines. This is a serious framework for exercising our rights and putting pressure on Turkey to stop the provocations” he concluded

Crescendo of misinformation from Soilos as well

With a crescendo of disinformation and the Turkish Minister of the Interior Suleiman Soylu attacked Greece and the Europeans with too much audacity on the occasion the 92 naked immigrants of Evros, claiming it was a policy to destabilize Turkey to “make us xenophobic like them, to make sure we deter any migrants who might come to them by killing, torturing and intimidating them in the same way Greece does, and to create a steel wall for them. so that they don’t go to Europe” said the Turkish Minister.

Claims contradicted by the Minister of Citizen Protection Takis Theodorikakos with his post emphasizing and reminding that “All European citizens, the whole world saw the Turkish attitude in the case of the 92 irregular migrants in the Evros: Instrumentalization of human suffering, violation of international law, lies, slander & medieval attitudes from the Turkish side which we will not accept!’ said Mr. Theodorikakos.

What’s up with the Turkish delusions

Ankara’s ongoing delusions that even go as far as invoking psychology, according to analysts, are part of the wider impasses, domestic and international, that Ankara is facing, which may be characterized as “alternative” but at the same time it is expected “because this is their policy and the value code of the Turkish political leadership. “So we shouldn’t fall from the clouds, but we shouldn’t compare what we stand for and what the Turks stand for. We have parallel monologues and different value codes” they observe. After all, behind the disparaging style of Mevlut Cavusoglu in this particular attack, he seems to be hiding panic and irritation, while attempting to intimidate or insult or discredit Greece, in his desperate attempt to communicate to the domestic Turkish audience that Turkey is better than Greece. Movements that are part of the Turkish propaganda or the psychological operations, which it has been conducting for a long time on the Turkish audience, which has been winterized by Erdogan’s policies.

“We are strong, we are not afraid. This is what Turkey is trying to do to us, if we are worried, to exaggerate the reaction. We’re not going to do that. He who does not know, who is not trained, exaggerates. We have more capabilities at every level” replied the former Deputy Minister of National Defense and former Chief of the General Staff of the Army Alcibiades Stefanis.

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