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Akar: “Greece pursues expansionist policy and equips itself” – Threats against the US


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Turkey continues its aggressive policy at the level of rhetoric.

In a speech on his ministry’s budget, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar accused Greece of pursuing an expansionist policy, violating the Lausanne Treaty and arming itself.

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After the harsh rhetoric he used, he said that Turkey wants dialogue and good neighborly relations.

“In the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean we are experiencing problems due to the expansionist logic and demands of the Greeks and Greek Cypriots that do not comply with international law that includes armaments programs and the creation of alleged alliances as well as offensive actions and aggressive rhetoric. This provokes the reaction of people who have common sense. “All kinds of unjust and illegal actions of Greece, which does not respond to all our calls for dialogue in a good mood, violating the Treaty of Lausanne, are met at the table and in the field within the limits of reciprocity,” said Akar.

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At the same time, on the occasion of the armament, Ankara fires against the USA, saying that “give us F-16 otherwise we will take fighters from elsewhere”.

According to the official position of the Turkish president, alternatives are Vladimir Putin’s fighters.

“Our request for the supply of F-16s, as well as the modernization of some of our fighters, has been sent to the United States as part of a program to sell equipment to foreign countries. We believe that the United States will take a positive approach to this issue. We are closely following the developments. “But in the event of a negative US stance, Turkey, that is, us, in the threat environment we are in, as is natural and necessary, will be forced to consider other alternatives,” said Hulusi Akar.

“That’s why the S-400 systems were not bought as a first choice but out of necessity. Our work continues normally to be used in case of need “

At the same time, the Turkish newspaper Karar uses an ironic headline about the Qatar-Cyprus Agreement.

“And you bro?” jokingly notes.

Following the signing – according to the newspaper – Turkey did not react to the Qatar-EXXON-Cyprus Agreement, only the Turkish president expressed his regret during the flight.

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