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Economou to SKAI: Greece “as if ready for a long time” to respond to every challenge


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“Frontex’s stance proves the validity of the Greek claims, while it is also a response to those who uncritically adopt Turkish propaganda,” said government spokesman Yannis Oikonomou, speaking to SKAI.

“Greece has been ready for a long time to respond to any challenge”, he said today to SKAIthe government representative Giannis Oikonomouon the occasion of the ongoing Turkish provocation.

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“We have already responded effectively and with readiness (to all challenges), as in the case of Evros, by deconstructing Turkey’s views in all international forums and by building important alliances,” added Mr. Economou.

Regarding yesterday’s SKAI report, according to which the Frontex begins an independent investigation into the extreme reaction of the Turkish Coast Guard last Tuesday off Samos, Mr. Economou emphasized that Frontex’s stance proves the validity of the Greek claims, while it is also a response to those who uncritically adopt Turkish propaganda.

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At the same time, he pointed out that the Greek side should not be disoriented from its basic strategy which is: “International Law, deconstructing Turkey’s rhetoric and strengthening the country in all areas.

Economou: The government will channel as much energy as is needed and utilize every possibility available to support households and businesses.

Regarding the economy, Mr. Oikonomou pledged that “the government will channel all the energy required and utilize every possibility that exists to support households and businesses”.

“Many people are talking about embezzlement, but under SYRIZA, the provision on embezzlement in the Criminal Code was abolished”, he emphasized, adding that the Mitsotakis government has legislated a maximum profit margin compared to what existed before the crisis, is intensifying controls and at the same time creating a basket to have in some absolutely necessary items, as low as possible prices”.

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