Loverdos for Papandreou interview: 4/5 was for the “back” – Let’s go for the next day |


There is no change without hope and hope means that you are doing something new, he stressed Andreas Loverdos candidate for president of the Movement for Change, commenting on SKAI TV and the show “Simera” yesterday’s interview with George Papandreou.

“I read it word for word and saw that four-fifths of it was for the ” back ””, Mr. Loverdos stressed, typically saying that now we go for the next day, we can not discuss whether there was or there was no money, nor to write history.

Speaking about the issue of the party’s collaborations, Mr. Loverdos stressed that he has clarified from the first moment that he rejects cooperation with SYRIZA at a time when other fellow candidates are treating him on the same terms as Alexis Tsipras for progressive governance.

Responding to those who accuse him that if elected he will ally with Kyriakos Mitsotakis, he replied that neither ND has addressed such a proposal, nor any of the six candidates wants co-government with ND, therefore “this issue is dead”.

Mr. Loverdos stressed that what the party has to do is to prepare its own government program and that his own ambition is to more than double the forces.


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