“Slap” in Ankara: 22 MPs push not to give F-16s to Turkey

“Slap” in Ankara: 22 MPs push not to give F-16s to Turkey

A new letter from 22 US congressmen makes it clear to the US Senate that with the sale of F-16 fighters, Turkey will acquire additional tools to carry out more violations.

The pressure continues American congressmen to adopt an amendment, which would ensure that US F-16 fighters do not will be used by Turkey for the violation of Greek national sovereignty. In a letter to the leadership of the House and Senate Defense Affairs Committee, 22 lawmakers are asking to maintain the restriction on the ability of the Joe Biden administration to sell F-16 aircraft and modernization kits to Turkey.

The letter from the American congressmen

“At a time when we need to promote the unity of the NATO alliance, we should ensure that US weapons are not used for hostilities within the alliance. Turkey has used its existing fleet of F-16s to repeatedly violate sovereignty and territorial airspace of Greece, undermining unity within the NATO alliance”.

THE Tayyip Erdogan however, speaking to journalists after the G20 Summit and his meeting with the American president, he expressed his hope that there can be a positive outcome to the F-16 issue.

He said “the job is completely in his hands, he’s sensitive about it” on the F-16 issue. “We will continue our relations on this matter. Here, following closely this process of our Secretaries of State and Defense, I hope that we will resolve the F-16 issue in a short period of time,” he added.

He also claimed that in the meetings he had with the French president and the Italian prime minister, they discussed the supply of Turkey with SAMP missiles, but they pointed out to him that there were “technical problems”. Domestically, however, he is under fire from the opposition for his foreign policy with accusations against the United States of terrorism.

“I am addressing Mr. Erdogan and his associates. Let them get their minds together. You are not running a circus, you are running a state, a state!” Meral Aksener, the president of the Good Party, said characteristically.

“It doesn’t cost Biden anything to give Erdoğan false hope about the F-16s. The decision will be made by Menendez who is now more powerful in the Senate. Nor will he do Biden any favors even if he pressured him, which he doesn’t is pushing” the ND MP and professor of International Relations commented to SKAI Dimitris Kairides.

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