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Parliament: Confrontation about the auctions between Famello and Skylakakis


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The operation to evict the journalist from her residence in Zografou was once again in the spotlight

It is the SYRIZA government that, while promising protection of the first home, legislated the horizontal abolition of protection in 2019, the finance minister said Christos Staikourason the sidelines of his discussion of the 2023 budgetin the Economic Affairs committee of the Parliament.

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Today, the 2nd day of the Budget debate, the operation to evict the journalist from her residence in Zografouwas once again at the center of a new cycle of criticism from the opposition.

“The SYRIZA government promised to resolve the high volume of bad loans, by the end of 2015, and finally delivered them at the rate of 2014. It promised that there will be no auctions, and finally legislated electronic auctions, from 2017, because as he argued, “they are good for developmental and social reasons”. He promised to protect the first home, and finally legislated the horizontal repeal of the protection in 2019,” said the finance minister Christos Staikouras.

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In this climate, MeRA25 and Mr. Yannis Varoufakis complain: “See how luck sometimes brings them… Proposed law of MeRA25 for the protection of borrowers. It was filed and states that “the plan to seize private property began to unfold institutionally, with the third memorandum of 2015″. No comment. Today, we are spectators in the same play. SYRIZA promises everything to everyone. Irresponsible, undocumented, costless, dangerous, adventurous. But the citizens have fresh memories. They suffered and learned.”

The report of the Minister of Finance, on the issue of auctions, confrontation preceded between to the MP of SYRIZA-PS Sokratis Famellos and Deputy Finance Minister Theodoros Skylakakis.

“Mr. Skylakakis, with gross lies, tried to falsify even the crucial issue of evictions. He told us that for the specific apartment of Mrs. Kolovou, the auction was published on 20/3/2019. I wonder, Mr. Skylakakis. Why did they wait 3.5 years to get in with the chainsaw? Were they waiting for the discussion of the Budget, so that we could expose you?” said Mr S. Famous and persisted.

“I wonder how many lies you will tell? The document for auction order dated 3/16, we file it. But I wonder, do you find it strange that in 2022, the auction finally took place, it is a ND government? Does it seem strange to you that in 2022, when they broke the door of the low pensioner, Mr. Mitsotakis is prime minister? Or does it seem strange to you that in 2022, when they tried to get her out of her house, Mr. Skylakakis is minister to Mr. Staikouras? No, it’s not surprising. Because during SYRIZA there were no auctions of first homes and Mr. Skylakakis is upset about that. Because there was an institutional framework for the protection of the first home. Because whatever you say, the bankruptcy law was passed with Mr. Mitsotakis and then came the protection of the first residence. And for this reason, moreover, we criticized the Minister of Finance, Mr. Staikouras. And now the whole Greek society understands that we did very well. But he was covered by the coalition. That is, they cover the evictions, the chainsaws and the co-existence of the ND”.

The Deputy Minister of Finance responded to what Mr. Famellos said Th. Skylakakis. “Because the word lie is used by SYRIZA very frequently, I have yesterday’s emergency update, which says “the auction of the property of Mrs…., of this particular lady, did not take place on 20/3/2019, as falsely said Mr. Skylakakis”. Let’s see what Mr. Skylakakis said (s.s. reading from the minutes of yesterday’s meeting): “I open the relevant website which is public information – because we can only use public information in this matter – and we see a publication date auction 20/3/2019″. 20/3/2019 is publication or the auction was done as you say. The auction did not take place on 3/20, as you say I said. You lie even when you accuse someone of lying. You have the audacity to come here after lying in your post. Any reasonable person knows that the publication date is not the actual date. I said, publication date. It bothers you that your unprecedented hypocrisy that marks you as a party is exposed. Let SYRIZA talk about a lie, which deceived the Greek people, declaring that it would give them 10 billion in 2015 and then threw them into a four-year adventure!”


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