Androulakis: The dilemma is not Tsipras or Mitsotakis, but democratic overthrow or tolerance of the establishment and clientelistic attitudes


The president of PASOK launched an attack against Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Alexis Tsipras

An attack on New Democracy and SYRIZA, saying that “the Greek people do not deserve what they lived with Mr. Tsipras and what they are living with Mr. Mitsotakis” was made by the president of PASOK -KINAL Nikos Androulakiswho gave a speech at the Conservatory of the old town of Rethymnon.

Mr. Androulakis referred to the “special motivation”, as he said, before the national elections, which is the strengthening of the faction with the aim “to show the Greek people that there is another perspective, there is the ambition not for chairs but for a better tomorrow” adding that “at some point the easy fairy tale must stop, the terrorism that if Mitsotakis is not there, Tsipras will come” and that PASOK-KINAL “will prove that the country does not need either Mitsotakis or Tsipras, because the Greek people saw, learned and knows”.

The president of PASOK-KINAL referred to the wiretapping and debate of the bill the following week, stressing that “a prime minister who wants to correct his mistake, legislates properly and not by telling the leader of the third party ‘come after three years and we will inform you “, from the moment he understood that “come to inform you” I do not accept it, because I am a democrat and this faction is not going to compromise with such vile parastatal practices” adding that “it is not a personal matter, it is a matter of democracy”.

Nikos Androulakis reported that the PASOK-KINAL is a patriotic party saying that “patriotism for us means not only love for the country but knowledge of international balances and correlations, so that we can make appropriate decisions for our national interests” attacking SYRIZA saying that “populism does not fit into national issues ” and how “when it came time for the homeland, we voted yes to both the agreement with France and the reinforcements of the country’s deterrent force. We are not the ones who, when they are in the Government, go to the White House and take pictures with Trump, make agreements with the Americans for armaments with Kameno, but when they become the opposition, they forget everything and keep a sterile negative attitude in the parliament”.

“We are not SYRIZA as Mr. Mitsotakis boldly said on August 28, when I revealed the wiretapping scandal – so that all the Greek people could see the face, the parastatal practices of Megaros Maximos – and instead of giving an answer to what the EYP did with the pretadors, the Parliament had to say that we are doing everything to find an agreement with SYRIZA. He would very much like to, but I won’t do him any favors, because we didn’t get into things to find out with either SYRIZA or ND, we got into things to regenerate the Democratic faction and the PASOK of Andreas Papandreou” said Mr. Androulakis.

During his speech, the president of PASOK-KINAL also referred to the bill for secondary care, clarifying that “decades after the reform carried out by Giorgos Gennimatas and Paraskevas Avgerinos, no one dared to directly undermine the public character of the National Health Service” adding that despite the problems of the National Health System even after the pandemic there should be a public debate. However, he said, the prime minister is “privatizing health and making citizens live in more insecurity, knowing very well that the big problem of understaffing will escalate in the coming years.”

“A prime minister who behaves like this after the pandemic shows what his real agenda is, that they are ideologically hostile to the state – not any state – they used the surveillance state just fine, they are hostile to the social state, the one defended by social democracy and which it is necessary today, in order to reduce inequalities and give opportunities to all Greek men and women” added Mr. Androulakis.

Speaking in the packed hall of the Conservatory in the old town of Rethymnon, the president of PASOK-KINAL said that with the government’s measures in the midst of the energy crisis and unprecedented accuracy “the poor are getting poorer and the rich richer” adding that with regard to the banks that “there is the biggest difference between the deposit rate and the average mortgage rate” suggesting that the country should do the same as Spain which taxed the excess profits of the banks with an extraordinary levy “to get a message that otherwise they cannot profit at the expense of our people , when he lives in extreme conditions of impoverishment”.

Regarding the auctions, Nikos Androulakis said that “PASOK, at the most difficult moment of the negotiations, when Karamanlis’ ND left behind a bankrupt Greece, negotiated and succeeded in protecting the first home of the Greeks. Mr. Tsipras, with his many and bold words, managed to hand over the red loans of the Greeks to the fans without a framework of transparency and meritocracy, and Mr. Mitsotakis took it a step further. He almost completely abolished the framework of defense of the first home of the Greeks, and today both are shedding crocodile tears.”

Nikos Androulakis added that “mockery has short legs” and that “all this, in the energy crisis, in the NSS, in the wiretapping, in the Democracy and in the institutions, the election fund is coming and there the ND must get a resounding message, so far”.

Regarding the primary sector, the president of PASOK-KINAL stated that “beyond the ceiling on retail and energy communities which is a long-term political option, we believe that there should be a brave subsidy regarding animal feed, fertilizers and pesticides and of course the reduction of the Excise Tax on diesel fuel and we also consider important a policy that will link quality tourism with the primary sector” while he also referred to the need to support young couples, under the burden of the demographic problem.

“The pandemic and the energy crisis have increased the cost of living and housing,” said Nikos Androulakis, who repeated PASOK-KINAL’s proposal, pointing out that with New Democracy there is a different culture.

“We are not saying that they should take out loans to buy a house, we are saying that the state should give tax incentives, open closed houses, renovate them from European programs and commit their owners – with a low ENFIA – to put the houses in long-term those in social housing programs, which new couples can rent and when they have exceeded the social criteria, these social homes will go to other new couples” said Mr. Androulakis who, closing his speech, emphasized that PASOK’s ambition – KINAL is “that the Greek people give us the power in the next parliamentary elections so that PASOK-KINAL has the power and imposes its values ​​as a government program and not the bargains under the table” adding that “the democratic faction will be on the winning side in the next national elections and I am sure that PASOK will be the only party in Greece that will have an overwhelming increase in the percentages of, when our political opponents will see the back of the Greek people, compared to the percentages they had in the 2019 elections”.

Finally, Nikos Androulakis said that in view of the national elections “the dilemma is simple. Most obviously it’s not Tsipras or Mitsotakis, but it’s a democratic overthrow tomorrow or tolerance of the regime and the clientelistic mentality that both exploited.”


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