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Incendiary rhetoric from Tsavousoglou – Attack on Dendias


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The Turkish foreign minister put diplomatic language aside

The Turkish foreign minister put diplomatic language aside, Mevlut Cavusogluand launched inflammatory rhetoric against his Greek counterpart, Nikos Dendias.

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According to what SKAI correspondent Manolis Kostidis reports from Istanbul, the Cavusoglu he said that with the pseudo-state the whole Turkish world went down to the Eastern Mediterranean.

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Cavusoglu said: “The whole world started paying attention there. That is, in the Turkic world, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Central Asia.

Today, Nikos Dendias (went) there immediately… He took his breath there. He does some traveling. Wherever we go, of course, he runs behind. Be well. Nikos Dendias. He’s an old friend of mine. And of course, they are concerned. Why are they worried? The “TDBK” became an observer member at the summit in Samarkand. But this is a start. In fact, with the Turkish world accepting the ‘TRNC’ as an observer member, the Organization of Turkic States and the Turkish world thus descended into the Eastern Mediterranean. So his reach has been strengthened.”

Kalin: “We do not provoke in the Aegean or elsewhere, we react to threats to our security”

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said: “Security threats come from outside, we react to them. We do not wish to engage in any military operations, unless necessary. The war in Syria, the destabilization and insecurity in Iraq, the situation in the Caucasus or the Aegean or the war in Ukraine. You know, we didn’t start this war. We have no interest in a continuation of these conflicts. On the contrary, we say to everyone, to all stakeholders that regional peace and security is in everyone’s interest. Let’s try to find a solution.”

CNN TURK: Greece claims it has a right to 12 miles of territorial waters – Turkey reacts and does not accept it

The network reported: “It caused an impression that the Economist magazine made reference to the growing Greek-Turkish tension. Greece maintains that its islands share the same continental shelf as the mainland, and Greece’s claim to 12 miles of territorial waters in the Aegean is rejected by Turkey. Recently Nikos Dendias accused Turkey of threatening Greece with war”.

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