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Budget 2023 – Kerameos: Education budget increased by 239 million euros


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N. Kerameos: “We claimed and committed funds of 1.3 billion for Education from the Recovery and Resilience Fund, which are already being used at all levels of education”

“For 2023, our goal is twofold: more money with more efficient absorption, better quality distribution with multiplier benefits to society.”

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This was emphasized by the Minister of Education, Niki Kerameos, during the discussion of the state budget for 2023, in the Plenary Session of the Parliament, emphasizing the increase in funds for education against 239 million euros.

“In the last three and a half years, despite the sad state of the economy bequeathed to us by SYRIZA and despite the unprecedented crises that humanity has experienced, we have achieved a continuous increase in the Education budget. By 102 million euros in 2020, by 142 million euros in 2021, by 236 million euros in 2022 and this year, for 2023, a budget increase for Education by 239 million euros, reaching 6,080,504,000 euros,” he said characteristically Mrs. Kerameos.

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As the Minister of Education said, from the regular budget and the Public Investment Program, 25,000 permanent teachers were covered, while the appropriation limits of the 2023 fiscal year budget cover, among other things, important infrastructure projects, among others for HEIs.

We claimed and committed funds of 1.3 billion for Education from the Recovery and Resilience Fund, which are already being used at all levels of education.”

Furthermore, in the context of the new NSRF 2021-2027, the increased budget for actions in the education sector is estimated to will exceed 1.7 billion euros during the current program period.

From June 2019 to October 2022, the absorption rate of the NSRF has almost doubled, from 46% to 91%”, underlined Ms. Kerameos.

“More resources, absorption of larger funds, better utilization of them for the benefit of the educational community and ensuring equal access to the good of education”, according to Mrs. Kerameos, “is the government’s investment in the present and future of the country, for the children ».

“The quality utilization of the resources we have made available in these three and a half years is already bearing fruit.

-We did 25,000 permanent appointmentsafter 12 years of not even one.

– More than 50 million euros were allocated for the development of digital content and the transformation of conventional Study Programs, more than 132 million euros for the purchase of technological equipment through vouchers and more than 177,000 sets of robotics that reach the public schools of our country.

-We are investing more than 110 million euros to modernize VET equipment in the country’s Laboratory Centers.

– We are investing 194 million to improve the academic and educational infrastructure of our HEIs to strengthen their competitiveness”, pointed out the Minister of Education and concluded:

“Education is changing. In practice. We ask our fellow citizens to once again give us the opportunity to continue investing in our children. To choose stability, security, development for all, which Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the New Democracy government ensure.”

Confrontation N. Kerameos – P. Skourletis

The reaction of Mrs. Kerameos to the accusations of the parliamentary representative of SYRIZA, Panos Skourletis, that the government is completely indifferent to public education and works only in favor of private school principals, was strong.

“It is ridiculous that you talk about appointments, concealing that it was your own governments that put us in the vise of the memorandums that forbade them. We received one status, 10 departures one recruitment and delivered one departure one recruitment. I would have expected you to say something about the schools that are literally ruins, have seismic resistance problems, are frozen, unsuitable and many times accidents happen”, commented Mr. Skourletis and added:

“The money from the Development Fund should also be directed to education. But you unilaterally give an allowance to police officers and exclude teachers, hospital staff and cleaning people. I didn’t see you investing this ideology in education either. Listen to the OLME that is currently protesting and don’t work only for the private schoolmasters. Education is not a commodity, it is education.”

“I understand the unfavorable position you are in. Because during the days of the ND the 25,000 permanent appointments teachers, after 12 whole years when not a single one took place. We respond with actions, not words. When we took over the government, absolutely nothing had been done. Mr. Filis had promised 20,000 appointments. Why didn’t he make them? Our difference is that we do what we say and even more,” commented the Minister of Education.

“The reality of what you claim is the chart I submitted about the actions in education. And the truth is that the budget of the Ministry of Education exceeded 6 billion. So the citizens are judging us”, added the Minister of Education.


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