A bitter verbal episode between Theodorikakos and Skourletis in the Parliament


The strong reaction of Takis Theodorikakos was caused by the continuous interruptions by Mr. Skourletis. In fact, Mr. Theodorikakos told Mr. Skourletis “to do these cheap thumping in Koumoundourou”.

An intense verbal episode between the Minister of Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakos, and the parliamentary representative of SYRIZA, Panos Skourletis, took place today in the Parliament during the discussion of the state budget.

His fierce reaction Takis Theodorikakou caused by the continuous interruptions by Mr. Skourletis. In fact, Mr. Theodorikakos told Mr. Skourletis “to do these cheap thumping in Koumoundourou”.

“The term thuggery, even with voices, reminds us of EKOF or Golden Dawn eras. Let the minister retract” replied Mr. Skourletis, accusing the minister of a “golden age mentality”.

“SYRIZA is identified with chaos. For us, safety is a priority. 2023 cannot be equated with 2015. Freedom and justice do not exist without security,” repeated Mr. Theodorikakos.

According to information, the conflict between the two was moved outside the Plenary to the corridor of the parliament. The same sources state that Mr. Skourletis, just a few minutes after the complaints about “gold rush”, approached Mr. Theodorikakos in a more relaxed manner and suggested that they drink coffee.

The Minister of Citizen Protection answered him in a strict style: “Whatever we have to say we will say in the Plenary. You can’t talk to me like that and then suggest we have coffee. It’s not funny. Don’t smile, I’m not kidding. Whatever we have to say, we will say it in the Plenary.”

The dialogue between Theodorikakos and Skourletis

Theodorikakos: The position was formulated by an opposition party that there are services that are not entitled to an allowance and should not even have a salary, that they have no place in EL.AS. Who are you talking about? Are you referring to OPKE police officers? and other services who, during the bad weather that hit the Prefecture of Attica on January 24 and 25, 2022, literally lifted the people who were trapped on their backs? I believe you will remember the picture with the little girl on the policeman’s back?

Or do you mean our policemen, the MAT men and the border guards who since March 2020 have been keeping our country’s borders standing, from the thousands of illegal immigrants promoted to the Evros by Turkey, which does not hesitate to exploit unhappy people?

Are you talking about the police officers of the DIAS Group, who collected a sum of money which they gave to an elderly couple who had fallen victim to a robbery? But, you did not hesitate to use the tragic incident with the death of the 16-year-old in Thessaloniki to pour poison against our police officers. Using it as a field for extracting small party benefits. Resorting to arbitrary and dangerous generalizations.

2023 is neither 2012 nor 2014. Dividing line between populism and logic. Very soon, the citizens will respond to this dividing line. Without security there is no justice.

Skourletis: It was written that the leader of EL.AS. monitored. Did you search for it? These are scary issues. You didn’t feel the need to say anything. You have achieved a negative record. Two Roma deaths. Was the DIAS training done and effective before the death? You failed.

How many dozens of children have you brought to GADA? You care more about educating the cadres to view Roma and youth as hostile. You might want to resurrect the old right wing state. Domestic violence issues, we learn that when young women go they find untrained police officers telling them a go home now.

Perhaps, Mr. Minister, I am asking a lot from a government that has set up a network of national connections and surveillance. You and the bull are the minister of the falsification of the results of the previous municipal elections. I’m not saying it, the Supreme Court is saying it.”

Theodorikakos: “You are a guarantee to do well in the local elections as you did last time. The state council said the law was constitutional. I’m sorry you have to learn a few letters. I am proud of the law that I brought, it was a commitment of the ND from the simple analogy that you wanted to make. If there wasn’t a majority in the municipalities, they wouldn’t even be able to pick up the garbage.

The prime minister took responsibility, changed faces, made radical changes, brought n/s. why didn’t you vote for him? And if you are interested in asking Mr. Tsipras why he was watching Picsiorla. Tragic moments can happen anywhere. That is what the justice will decide. Don’t play with society. Let the police do their job. And the police are workers and they do a very difficult job.

They have to deal with crime. Rest assured you will be refuted. Sunday short holiday. You will be in this position again.

Skourletis: He called me illiterate. Register, re-read the proposal of the CoE. “It is unconstitutional” period. I reverse your allergy issues. You have an allergy to health workers, to teachers, whom you beat yesterday outside the Parliament.

Theodorikakos: You are trying to break the relations between the state, the Greek government and the new generation. Do you consider it normal to tear down libraries in universities? You will listen and learn to respect. The children of the Greek people, the Greek kids go to the student residence and their families can’t bear to pay rent. You will learn…you will hear them…

Let me say that anyone in this room who has a weakness for arguments just shouts and interrupts and has no patience to hear anything different.

Skourletis: [Φωνές…]

President Sakorafa: Mr. Skourletis, you stood up, you took the floor, now the minister answers.

Theodorikakos: “Do this inexpensive thuggery in Koumoundourou.

Skourletis: The term thuggishness, even with voices, reminds me of EKOF or Golden Dawn eras. To recall the minister. If the SW is squeezed…

Theodorikakos: […] As for the new sad outburst of Mr. Skourletis, I am unworthy to comment on it.

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