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SYRIZA: “Mitsotakis’ ND is not a popular party but the party of profiteering, injustice and sleaze”


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Commentary of the opposition official on the Prime Minister’s tour in Imathia

With an announcement in a strong tone, SYRIZA comments on the presence of the prime minister, Kyriakou Mitsotakis, in Imathia, arguing that he proved that all he cares about is deceiving the citizens.

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He mentions, in particular, in his announcement SYRIZA:

Today, Mr. Mitsotakis from Imathia proved once again that all he cares about is mocking and deceiving the citizens.

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He had the audacity to say that his government is pursuing a pro-people progressive policy, while turning its back on profiteering. While he has let the energy companies, the refineries and the banks hoard billions in surplus profits and at the same time he gives the society, which he has ravaged for 15 months, pre-election tips of €0.70 for food purchases.

He had the audacity to say that the ND is a popular party, while the ND of Mr. Mitsotakis is the party of greed, remoulah and Patsidos.

The only thing we can agree with Mr. Mitsotakis is that during his days Greece is a leading player in Europe. Indeed, the scandal with the parastatal surveillance ordered by Mitsotakis has made Greece a negative protagonist in Europe.

The days when Mr. Mitsotakis will expand inequalities and injustice are ending, however, with the strong popular mandate to SYRIZA PS for justice everywhere and a progressive government from the first Sunday.

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