Dendias: The government’s interest in Mount Athos is great and lasting


The first visit of a Greek foreign minister to Mount Athos since 2011

With the reception in Karyes and the Doxology at the Holy Church of Protatos, the two-day visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias to Mount Athos began – the first visit of a Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs to Mount Athos since 2011.

During his objection in the context of his reception at the Holy Church of Protatos in Karyes, addressing the representatives, members of the Holy Community of Mount Athos, Nikos Dendias expressed his heartfelt thanks and his deepest gratitude “for their moving presence and participation” in the his reception. He also asked “as a humble pilgrim”, as he said, for their wishes and prayers and conveyed, as the competent minister for the Athonian State, “the respect and unlimited love of the prime minister and the members of the government, whose interest in Mount Athos is great and lasting”.

“You, Holy Fathers, who continue the historical course of this unique monastic state in the world with a special offering, with willingness, with sacrifices, as well as with unprecedented collectiveness, are absolutely justified in expecting the cooperation, help and support of the detainees in the Greek State” he added.

At the same time, he stated that he is sure that they do not escape their attention, but also their special sensitivity, “the difficult circumstances that Greece went through and which, with God, are being dealt with”.

In this context, he pointed out that his presence with them today gives the opportunity to embrace their needs and anxieties even more deeply. “May God give me the ability to listen more carefully to the problems that concern you. To stand by you, with my insignificant powers, and to try with you” he noted and finally added that he would like to have the opportunity to prove with deeds and projects what he feels “for this exquisite Athos Peninsula and its inhabitants ».

Afterwards, a reception and an extraordinary session of the Holy Community took place, in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. This will be followed by a visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to the building of the Administration of Mount Athos, as well as his visit to the Holy Monasteries of Pantokrator and Xenophon.

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 29, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will visit the Holy Monasteries of Dionysios and Dochiario.

It is noted that the Greek government is represented in the Athonian State by the governor of Mount Athos, whose supervision belongs to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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