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New Turkish threats to Greece with longer-range missiles than Tayfun


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“We are preparing a new missile like the Tayfun and it will have a longer range,” say Turkish analysts

The Turks are threatening Greece with longer range missiles than Tayfun as reported by SKAI’s Istanbul correspondent Manolis Kostidis.

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“Let’s talk about the Tayfun missile as its first test shot took place in October. President Erdoğan had declared that ‘the Greek trembles from his fear’. That’s why we’ll start with Tayfun. We have to say this. We have reached the point where we can be driven to a different level on the airwaves,” said the Haber Global presenter.

“In the defense industry now the 1,000 kilometers might not be enoughah, that’s why they avoid talking about Tayfun’s range,” said Turkish military analyst Mete Yarar.

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The map published by Turkish state TV of Tayfun:

“So the goal is greater than 1,000 kilometers? Do I understand this?’ the presenter asked the analyst.

“Because different designs and new missiles are being prepared successively. In other words, in addition to Tayfun, another missile will be created. It will probably have a larger reach” the analyst replied.

At the same time, the Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak speaks defiantly of “a clear message from Turkey if Greece extends its territorial waters to 12 miles”. “Turkey sent the message of determination to the region of the Blue Homeland” it says.

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