Oikonomou: The government surrounds the leadership of the Armed Forces with absolute confidence


What did the government representative say when asked to comment on SYRIZA’s reaction to the questions raised by Mr. Economou in the wake of the testimony of Christos Kalogritsa’s secretary at the special court

The Government surrounds the leadership of the Armed Forces with absolute confidence, emphasized the government representative, Yannis Oikonomou, during the briefing for political editors, when he was asked to comment on the reports on the monitoring of Mr. Floros, in conjunction with the fact that his term of office was renewed for one year . Mr. Economou even called on the main opposition and Mr. Tsipras, in particular, to answer if they trust the head of the Armed Forces.

At the same time, Mr. Economou was asked to comment on the attitude of SYRIZA to the questions that remain unanswered in the wake of the testimony of Christos Kalogritsa’s secretary, in the special court, saying that “we have received embarrassment and silence”.

In particular, Mr. Economou was asked:

QUESTION: Shortly before you took the podium, the Government announced the renewal of the term of General Floros for one year. Do you make a General who you have been monitoring as a national security risk, who allegedly calls the Secretary of Defense a “scumbag” and admits to setting traps for him, as Chief?

G. ECONOMOU: First of all, I want to say that the Government surrounds the leadership of the Armed Forces with absolute confidence. And this trust is not shaken in any way, and in any case not by the “material” of polluting networks, which some systematically and preferentially channel into specific circles. This is clear to us. However, there are a number of questions in this case. Does the Official Opposition, SYRIZA, trust the leadership of the Armed Forces? Does Mr. Tsipras trust the GEETHA Chief? Yes, no and why? In SYRIZA, do they have the necessary sensitivity, the necessary intelligence to understand who benefits from the attack and the undermining in the person of the Chief of GEETHA and the Armed Forces? Apart from his journalistic arms, is Mr. Tsipras informed at all about what is written, what is said in Turkey and how the content of his party announcements is used as an argument? There are a number of other questions as well. Given that neither the Maximos Palace, nor the Prime Minister, have ever reached these infamous reports, as they are characterized, in or out of quotation marks, a series of questions are raised. First, whether these are real or fiction. If they are cut-and-sew products, why are we living again in an age of tape, which wants to take the country back a long way. But, if they have some basis of truth, given – I repeat – that these alleged reports have never reached the Government, the Prime Minister, the Maximos Palace, if we assume that they have some basis of truth and some, operating out of context, within the EU. Y.P., they did such things, what is the relationship of those who are in possession of this material today to those who were carrying out these out of context activities within the Y.P.? What, then, are these dirty networks, as they have characterized them? What is it that connects and unites them?
Also, they must make it clear to us what purpose is served, in an era of instability, in an era of revisionism, in an era of international tension, this -with completely non-existent and unsubstantiated claims, very likely as the products of cut-and-paste- attack on the Chief of the Armed Forces, in this is – I repeat – the critical juncture and moment for the country, in an unstable international environment. These are specific questions, which SYRIZA and especially Mr. Tsipras must answer clearly to the Greek people.

QUESTION: In the wake of the testimony of Mr. Kalogritsa’s secretary at the Special Court, you addressed some questions in your statement to SYRIZA and Mr. Tsipras. I would like to ask your opinion on this.

G. ECONOMOU: We have addressed questions and have received embarrassment and silence. The case is very serious. Let me explain why it is very serious. We have a witness at the Special Court stating that she knows how bags and suitcases of money went into SYRIZA coffers. Be careful. We don’t have a hooded witness. We don’t have hoodlums here. We don’t have some with nicknames and the others related. We have a named affidavit in the Special Court, in broad daylight, alleging specific things about money in bags, that went into SYRIZA coffers, seven figures. Therefore, Mr. Tsipras must stop the silence, the embarrassment and answer the Greek people what they are complaining about. If I’m not mistaken, we’ve been experiencing similar phenomena since the “pampers” era. Sworn, named complaints, no hoods. Here we don’t have hoods, we don’t have hooded witnesses, we don’t have pseudonyms. We have sworn testimony in a Special Court about bags of money in party funds. We have had a similar complaint since the “pampers” era. By the way, there is also a common person who connects that time with the current one, he is an adviser to Mr. Tsipras. Therefore, SYRIZA must give concrete answers to these very serious complaints. Mr. Tsipras himself.

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