Survivor All Star: “Climbed” to the top of the TV ratings – First in general and dynamic audience – Watch the trailer


Dynamic start to the week with a sensational matchup…

A shocking showdown of Famous and of Fighters watched yesterday by the TV audience keeping it Survivor All Star in first place in the average viewership for the general audience 27.8% and 29.3% to the dynamic audience. The Blue they managed to get the rematch by bringing them Reds in the predicament of voting for a candidate to leave.

THE Kostas Papadopoulos he was the one who saw himself as the first candidate to express his grievance to his team. The same opinion about his candidacy is expressed by some players Blue openly siding with Kostas both before the match and during the Council.

Tonight’s episode pits the two teams against each other in an aquatic battle arena for the match that will decide the second immunity of the week. Strong fights and duels decided on the point raise the adrenaline to the heights! Which team will manage to get the victory and ensure the stay of their players?

A difficult battlefield awaits the Survivors tonight, for the needs of which, players and production were transferred to another location. George Lianos shares with us a video of the approach of the two teams on the beach of Palmigia island, where the events of tonight’s episode will be held.

George Lianos


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