Parliament: Fierce conflict over monitoring – Comparison ahead of the ballot box


Front-line Mitsotaki-Tsipras – SYRIZA’s motion of no confidence was rejected with 156 votes – Account of events and comparison of the government’s work by the prime minister – Rammos’ letter had no names, how do you have the information and not me? the prime minister asked the official opposition leader – What did Mitsotakis say about Kalogritsa, bags and Venezuela

The three-day debate in the Parliament on motion of no confidence in the government caused by SYRIZA. The vote had the – expected – result of rejecting the proposal (with 156 votes), however, the speeches of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the president of the official opposition, Alexis Tsipras, were held in extremely high tones with continuous interruptions from the parliamentary benches, as well as dialogues with unprecedented intensity between the speakers.

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The two political leaders positioned themselves with an eye on the ballot box, setting the tone for the strategy they will follow in the near future and until the elections. Kyriakos Mitsotakis chose to open the fan by comparing the actions of his government with those of the SYRIZA government, he particularly insisted on national issues, the economy, but also the geostrategic choices and policies of the ND. THE Alexis Tsipras he insisted on the subject of wiretapping, attributing personal characteristics to Mr. Mitsotakis, whom he described as guilty and “accused, not accuser”.

A particularly tense moment was caused when the Kyriakos Mitsotakis directly asked Mr. Tsipras if the secret letter of the president of ADAE, Christos Rammos, the content of which he made public on Wednesday in the Parliament, had names. “Yes or no?”, was the question of the Prime Minister, who then asked Mr. Tsipras how it is that he has the information and the names and the Prime Minister does not. “These are the dirty networks,” said Mr. Mitsotakis and again raised the question of why the surveillance became a misdemeanor under the Criminal Code that the SYRIZA government passed by keeping the parliament open for a week, after the announcement of the elections in 2019.

The crash

However, great tension prevailed, and when, during his speech, Mr. Tsipras invoked an old Eleftherotypia front page “Guilty or Blax?”, saying that the prime minister voluntarily chose the latter, to say afterwards, and in the face of the strong reactions of MPs of the coalition that “I am not in the mood to imply that the prime minister is of reduced attribution. Instead. He is very capable, very intelligent, I do not underestimate him at all. But he is guilty. The wiretapping case has his personal stamp.” In his own speech, however, Mr. Mitsotakis reminded him that this front page was not only about Andreas Papandreou and the current lawyer of Mr. Nikos Pappas, Yiannis Mantzouranis to add: “From the diapers of the Koskota case, to the bags”.


Mr. Tsipras’s choice was to keep the discussion on the wiretapping issue – he even accused the prime minister of having put it on his feet during their previous parliamentary conflict, in December – however, Mr. Mitsotakis, giving a clear political stamp to the path to the ballot box, he chose to proceed with a comprehensive comparison of policies and results.

As he characteristically said, the motion of no confidence is a top process and therefore an opportunity “to compare and see our deeds and contrast them with your own path. And it is an occasion to inform the people about other aspects of current affairs. You recently learned that there are judges in Athens. There are two of your ministers on trial for abuse of power and undermining the rule of law. And judges judging the case in Mati, where 103 lives were lost with the state non-existent, with rigged interviews, while you already knew the magnitude of the tragedy. There isn’t a person who listens to the testimony and doesn’t feel a lump in their throat and never speak again.”

Starting from the observations, the prime minister said that both he and the government were honest. “We assumed political responsibilities, persons and changed the law. Without dismantling a critical structure. The new EYP law stipulates that only military and diplomats may be appointed to the leadership and will be controlled by two judges. It is a reasonable balance between the need for security and the protection of rights. Old weaknesses did not exhaust their choice. To give answers to the scenario of SYRIZA to set up a spy film that started with leaks in your media. And waving, finally, an envelope coming out of ADAE, it said confidential on the envelope, you made it a fail flyer, but you didn’t answer us, if the names were mentioned in the letter, yes or no? Were there names? If there weren’t, then you are misleading parliament. I tell you that in the letter that Mr. Rammos sent me, there were NO. Did he send you another letter? I cannot file the letter in the minutes.”

Mr. Mitsotakis, however, he also demanded “explanations” from Mr. Tsipras and the official opposition. He said, in particular:

First, public apology, for dragging the homeland with the alleged death of little Maria. You haven’t said a word. You and your executives were involved in a fight. Why were we sure there was no such incident? Because we have intelligence services. Do you know how to play the turkey game? Are you naive or dangerous? I don’t know what’s worse. Even today, your officials say that the attack on Evros violates international law. Will you or will you not tear down the fence? You must answer by the election. We’ll have a chance. So many debates took place in Parliament.

Second question. You are still covering for Mr. Pappa who is on trial for the rigged TV license scandal? Will you tell us who the famous A2 is, what role does Mr. Artemiou play? Tell us where the money of your chosen manufacturer Mr. Kalogritsa went? Mr. Kalogritsas comes to the parliament and tells the people to hear it, and the heavy Pollakis, “Pollakis don’t shout, you are a member of parliament with my money”. Sue him if you dare, if they are lies. Where did the money go? Heavy talk, huh? All you MPs with my money, and you don’t sue him? What is happening Mr. Tsipras? Let us explain your relationship with Mr. Kalogritsa and Mr. Artemiou and with Venezuela? Do you assure the parliament that SYRIZA has never taken money from Venezuela?


The comparison

Proceeding to compare the actions of the two governments, Mr. Mitsotakis said that the debate is an opportunity to compare. “I will not tire you, I will not contrast what happened during our days, with your zero result. For the international position of the country. During your days, 75% of refugees and migrants entered Europe through the Greek border. During our days it went to 5%. Human structures, instead of the abominations of Moria and Idomene. Our islands have been relieved of the trouble you bequeathed to us.

I am proud to be at the head of a government that effectively shields the country. For ten years nothing had happened. What are we in Luxembourg? And you make comparisons and drop hints? If you are looking for fellow travelers of Tsochatzopoulos in your party, you will find them, not in ours. Look at Mr. Ragousis next to you. Everything was done with interstate agreements. I found myself three days ago at the ODA, you had disbanded it. Just 3 days ago the 5th F-16 Viper flew from EAB to Chania.

Do you want to remember the shipyards of the country? We also saved Skaramanga and Elefsina by providing thousands of jobs. Power is also reflected in hydrocarbon research. All geostrategic options seemed difficult, if not impossible in 2029. Greece was strengthened in all international forums. Greece pioneered the pandemic for the digital passport, the recovery fund, the cap on natural gas.

Shall we compare?

-How much was the growth when you ruled? 0.5%, the lowest in the EU, under Tsakalotou’s ministry. How much today on SW? Twice and sometimes three times that of the EU

– At 40% of GDP our exports. The Greek economy is becoming competitive and extroverted. After 11 consecutive upgrades from international houses we are ready to regain investment grade.

-For the famous pillow, it was the lenders’ pledge against your own unreliability. 40 billion is today the cash available, which becomes an opportunity for the State to support the citizens”.


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