Economou’s comment on the new SYRIZA spot: When Tsipras fights, words lose their meaning


“Mr. Tsipras is mute in how much and from where, because he promises without a plan and knowledge,” said the government representative

“When Mr. Tsipras fights, even the words lose their meaning” emphasized in his comment the government representative Yannis Oikonomou, referring to “his benefit spots SYRIZA».

Mr.Housekeeper he noted that “when someone claims to be talking about ‘planned and calculated’, he is then obliged to say ‘how much and from where'” and accused the president of SYRIZA of not saying where he will find the money for the benefits and calls him to answer.

“Mr. Tsipras he is mute as to how much and from where, because he promises without plan and knowledge. How much and from where, then, Mr. Tsipras? How much money are your easy campaign promises costing? Where will you find them? What taxes will you raise? How many new charges and “fees” will you impose? Citizens are waiting for your answers. We hope – but we do not believe – that these will be based on the truth of the numbers and not on Tsipronomics” Mr. Economou concluded.

See the SYRIZA spot commented on by Mr. Economou:

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