SKAI revelation: The “map” of far-right parties


SKAI published a secret report that maps the extreme right in Greece

A secret- report that maps the extreme right in Greece dated January 18, 2023, SKAI revealed on its main news bulletin.

In this particular report there is a reference both to the Golden Dawn party and to other parties-groups that are active in the field of the extreme right and are under the microscope of the Authorities.

Golden Dawn

Regarding the Golden Dawn party, it is pointed out that after the conviction of its members in 2020, it recorded a large poll drop and a limited mobilization of its members was observed. As the report states, the severe illness of Nikos Michaloliakos, who due to Covid had to stay for some time in the ICU and then in a rehabilitation center, is largely responsible for the decline in morale. According to the report, at this time, internal consultations are underway even for the non-relegation of the organization in the upcoming national elections.

For the Kasidiari party

For the “National Party – Greeks” of Ilias Kasidiaris, according to the report, it appears that it wants to take the place of Golden Dawn in the Parliament while acting as a pressure lever for the release of Ilias Kasidiaris, who has been convicted for participating in a criminal organization.

For the party of Yannis Lagos

Regarding the “National Popular Consciousness” party, which is led by the also imprisoned and convicted for participation in a criminal organization, Yiannis Lagos and which is a member of the Nationalist European Party, the report states that negotiations are underway in order for him to participate in the upcoming elections together with political formation of Constantinos Pleuris and the National Socialist Resistance.

Other far-right groups

But there are other groups with a more autonomous action that do not claim their entry into the Parliament and which participate in marches and mobilizations. These are the far-right organization “Propatria”, “Hellenic Existence” or IACHI, “National Socialist Resistance”, “Holy Loho” in Thessaloniki and “Nationalist Youth of Thessaloniki”.

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