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How the political scene is shaping up: Everyone against everyone and… the elections are in the middle


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Spirtzis statement raised the tone of the confrontation even more – The reaction of New Democracy

By Penelope Galliou

“All against all” could be the title of the climate prevailing in the political scene, with all the parties having taken battle positions, in view of the upcoming elections and slowly unfolding their strategy against their opponents.

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For SYRIZA, the great opponent is clearly the ND, but this does not mean that it does not want to entrench its voters from any “slants” and the best way and place to communicate this strategy is party events and attacks without ” on-site” counterpart.

At one such event in Penteli, Christos Spirtzis and Pavlos Polakis undertook to set “fire in the places” and ignite a new political confrontation both with the government and with PASOK and the KKE.

Democracy “for better or for worse”

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“We will bring democracy back to our country, for better or for worse. Either with the good or with the wild. As Pavlos says, the second time will be different”, these were the words of Christos Spirtzis that sounded like a siren to the democratic sensibilities of every witness here and caused the immediate reaction of the ND and also of the government representative. “One can only interpret these statements as an interpretation of the panic and desperation of the officers of the official opposition. It is a continuation after an extreme personal anti-institutional and anti-democratic choice of Alexis Tsipras that seeks to delegitimize the main pillars of the state, parliamentarism, the constitutional order” commented Yannis Economou, showing that the statements of Christos Spirtzis cannot be judged as isolated statements but as inextricably linked to the political attitude of the president of SYRIZA towards democratic institutions.

Popi Tsapanidou, however, tried to downplay the gravity of Christos Spirtzis’ statements, arguing that the phrase “with the good or with the wild”? It is a popular expression that means that it will be done, that we will lead the situation to the result that is for the benefit of the world”, while he left spikes for highlighting the controversial statements of the SYRIZA executive, arguing that the disputed proposal was isolated, “it became rubber, the thousands of things were rendered,” she said in an interview.

However, the interpretation of the SYRIZA representative is not in line with the position of the party’s deputy Christos Giannoulis, who kept his distance from Christos Spirtzis, avoiding commenting on his colleague’s words and referring what he meant to Mr. Spirtzis himself. “What exactly Mr. Spirtzis means will be better, he will explain it himself I am sure, adequately” commented Mr. Giannoulis when asked about it.

Polakis against PASOK and KKE

Water to the mill of political toxicity was also poured by Pavlos Polakis who, from the same party event in Penteli, referred to the post-election partnerships, following up on Popis Tsapanidou’s hints about PASOK being blackmailed, while he also attacked the KKE, characterizing it as stuck. “If they don’t accept either because they are “caught” – PASOK KINAL I know what – or because they are stuck, KKE – because they want in two and a half thousand years…, if they don’t want to, then there are no dead ends, we will go to second elections and we will get an independent and strong percentage in the parliamentary majority” said the former SYRIZA Minister with an ironic attitude towards his party opponents.

Statements that provoked a harsh reaction from the KKE, which in a statement it issued spoke of eternal slander against the KKE and continued: “When you have become a “sticker” of the capitalist rot, the memoranda, the EU, the murderers of NATO and especially the big bosses, it is very logical to look for an alibi for your attitude in the so-called “stucks” of those who go against the flow”.

Harilaou Trikoupis also sent a strict and repeated message with the Secretary of the Central Committee Andreas Spyropolyos declaring that PASOK is not being blackmailed, emphasizing at the same time, speaking on the show of Giorgos Autias, that “the day after the elections we want the citizens to give us the power, so that we can change political affiliations and implement our program. Not to save Mr. Tsipras or Mr. Mitsotakis and their politics.”

According to Harilaou Trikoupis’ sources, the fear of some of the SYRIZA voters returning to PASOK from where they came in the previous elections, leads Koumoundourou to attack Harilaou Trikoupis and Nikos Androulakis. In this context, they include the controversial attack by Pavlos Polakis, which they do not consider independent of the central pursuit of SYRIZA. It is estimated that it comes as a continuation of Popis Tsapanidou’s hints about PASOK being blackmailed into a possible post-election cooperation with the ND, but also as a consequence of the corresponding attack by Alexis Tsipras on Nikos Androulakis from Patras, saying that he considers it morally unthinkable, but politically unthinkable, to it is implied that Mr. Androulakis could cooperate with the ND from the first Sunday of the elections.

Points to which Harilaou Trikoupi chose to respond by recalling the past of SYRIZA and the co-government with the ANEL of Panos Kammenos.

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