Pandemic: How did the opposition comment on the announcements about the new measures

Pandemic: How did the opposition comment on the announcements about the new measures

The opposition commented on the announcements of Thanos Plevris about the new measures taken by the government and their implementation was accelerated in order to limit the spread of the Omikron mutation.

SYRIZA: Mr. Mitsotakis knew what was coming, he pretended to take measures without any substance and with only the criterion of his political cost

SYRIZA-PS speaks in an announcement about “unbelievable”, as he characterizes them, idiocies of the prime minister, while he accuses Kyriakos Mitsotakis of pretending that he is taking measures and that his political cost is a criterion.

At the same time, he characterizes as “half measures” what the Minister of Health announced, while he commented that no measures were taken to strengthen the NSS, which, as he says, “collapses”.

The announcement in detail:

Mr. Mitsotakis knew what was coming, all the experts and the opposition were warning and he did not take any measures at all to prevent new deaths and a new catastrophic lockdown, just to avoid the necessary financial support. Even today, with more than 60,000 cases in the last three days, the national tourist with incredible regression, back and forth and scientists hat, pretends to take action, but without any substance and with only a criterion of his political cost.

The half-measures announced by Mr. Plevris, who in the face of the disaster declares himself “optimistic”, and which were originally scheduled for January 3, confirm that in the government they are either criminally stupid beyond incompetent, or simply that they have chosen herd immunity and they do not dare to say it directly, because the NSS has already been collapsing for 3 months and we have already exceeded 20,500 dead.

Not a single measure to strengthen the NSS that is collapsing, not a word about ordering private clinics, not a word about providing free rapid tests to all citizens and tracking – especially on New Year’s Eve, not a reference to Primary Care and therapeutic preparations, not a single measure for the big outbreaks in schools with the unthinkable 50 + 1% protocol and in the MMM with the daily pickling of tens of thousands of citizens, not even a word about the resumption of the door-to-door vaccination and a special campaign for the vaccination of children.

Only contradictions, regressions and finally informal lockdown in the focus without the obvious financial support to employees and companies. Mr. Mitsotakis is not only useless but also dangerous for life.

KINAL: The measures should have been launched when there were the first signs of Omicron over-transmissibility

According to the Movement for Change, the government’s measures to increase the Omicron mutation pandemic are “setbacks and delays and should have been launched when there were the first signs of Omicron’s transmissibility in other European countries, whose governments have shown greater determination and efficiency from the Greek “, as mentioned in a relevant announcement.

The Movement for Change insists on the threefold vaccination – strengthening of the NSS – protection measures, which concerns:

Administration of the third dose of the vaccine without an appointment, in addition to the existing vaccination centers, in order to proceed rapidly with the vaccination coverage of the population.

Immediate involvement of the private sector and military hospitals for the treatment of covid cases, if necessary.

Measures of social distances and decongestion of public transport.

Epidemiological surveillance with extension of the points where free pcr and rapid test will be performed.

“The criterion of political cost that guides the decisions of the Government seriously harms the society and the economy”, it is pointed out in the announcement of KINAL.

KKE-Koutsoubas: The government’s policy with backwardness and “back and forth” is criminal

“What else needs to happen to finally put an end to the government’s criminal policy of backwardness and back-and-forth, but mainly with its refusal to support the public health system and take action in key areas of dispersal?” emphasizes in a statement the secretary general of the Central Committee of the KKE Dimitris Koutsoumbas, and then points out:

“The take-off of the cases, with what may follow in hospitalizations and deaths, by itself imposes:

-The shielding of the public health system and the order of the private sector to add personnel and infrastructure to the battle to save human lives.

-Prevention and protection measures in the workplace, the means of transport, the schools, which, despite the fact that the experience of the two years of the pandemic has proved their necessity, the government rejects them as unnecessary costs.

“The provision of personal means, such as the masks of increased protection, under the responsibility of the state and the employer, without burdening the people with additional costs”.

“The absence of these measures – and not the mutations already expected – is what has led to the current situation, with record cases and an increase in deaths and intubation, confirming that vaccination, as necessary as it is, is no longer enough. on its own to deal with the pandemic “adds D. Koutsoubas in his statement and underlines concluding:

“And if, in the end, the choice of the government is the immunity of the herd, ‘because measures are a luxury’, then the choice of the workers, of the people, is without delay to intensify the struggle to impose measures to protect his own life.”

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