ND accuses SYRIZA of “miserable mud war against the prime minister”

ND accuses SYRIZA of “miserable mud war against the prime minister”

New Democracy accuses SYRIZA of a “miserable mud war against the prime minister” in a statement, noting that “all this with the blessings of Mr. Tsipras”. “SYRIZA continues, either openly or underground, using internet trolls and its friendly media and websites, the miserable mud war against the Prime Minister personally,” ND said in a statement, adding: “In the beginning, he was the only target. Then his wife was added, and then it was the turn of his children. of the positive diagnosis was quarantined and stayed in his room, observing all the prescribed health rules, and of course he did not go on an excursion. those with the blessings of Mr. Tsipras of course “.

SYRIZA answer

In response to the Press Office of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance issued the following statement: “First of all we wish a speedy and speedy recovery to Mr. Mitsotakis’s son. Regarding the panic announcement issued by ND, it is worthy of comment The government, after ruining an entire country, is now looking for imaginary enemies in an attempt to be victimized from above. Mr. Mitsotakis seems to have a lot of nerves with Alexis Tsipras who forced him to interrupt his vacation and deal with pandemic. Courage. We are sure that Mr. Mitsotakis has already been informed about the first three days of 2022 in order to quickly fill this gap … “

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