Turkish Interior Minister: Frontex represents Europe’s black culture

Turkish Interior Minister: Frontex represents Europe’s black culture

Threats against Europe were unleashed by the Turkish government through Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, who effectively argued that Frontex was operating in the worst possible way and that its employees should wear black armbands.

“Frontex represents the black culture of Europe,” he said, calling on Europeans to be held accountable.

“We must give a good lesson to Greece, Europe and Frontex for their propaganda,” he added.

According to Manolis Kostidis from Istanbul, the Turkish Interior Minister gives an order and says that Frontex should be abolished, talking about a dirty organization and a black history.

It is noted that Turkey and Frontex must cooperate in dealing with the immigration-refugee issue.

At the same time, the representative of the ruling party, Omer Celik, accused Greece of tyrannical behavior towards the refugees.

He also accuses the Greek Prime Minister of black propaganda and that our country is deliberately leading the refugees to death.

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