Staikouras: Fiscal space has been created for new support for households


Referring to the issue of auctions, the Minister of Finance mentioned that they were held in previous years as well, noting that 30,000 auctions were held during SYRIZA

This week there will be a bill from the Ministry of Finance with improvements to the extrajudicial mechanism and those who reject the applications will have to give reasons. This was stated by the Minister of Finance Christos Staikourasat the same time calling on the banks to work more on the out-of-court mechanism.

Speaking on ANT1 TV and regarding the issue of auctions, the minister mentioned that they were held in previous years as well, noting that 30,000 auctions were held during SYRIZA. He also said that e-auctions were started in 2017, while noting that we should not guide the citizens in wrong choices. “The issue is to protect those in need,” he stressed, adding that for vulnerable households, the first residence is protected.

He stated, at the same time, that “the decision of the Supreme Court, from what I read, says that the same regime that has been in force since 2015 should continue”. And he spoke of a protection framework for vulnerable households, stating that “we have set up a network of measures so that all citizens can be helped. That’s why we created the out-of-court mechanism, in order to help vulnerable households.”

Asked about the possibility of new support measures for households, Mr. Staikouras said that “a safe fiscal space has been created” and in the coming days he will discuss with the prime minister where this support will be given.

The minister essentially rejected the possibility of a new regulation of 120 installments, saying that “if the citizen believes that there are always 120 installments then no one will pay”. He added, however, that “we are trying to find the best solution that shows that we respect both the citizen who is having a hard time and the one who has now started to have a hard time.” However, he emphasized that an effort is being made so that “the culture of payments is not damaged”.

According to Mr. Staikouras, the platform for monthly road tax will be opened before Easter, while the tax declarations will be opened before March 25. He estimated that by February 20 the platform for the “shopping card” will be opened, for which 650 million euros will be allocated. Regarding the objective values, he said that improvements can be made, clarifying, however, that marginal changes will be made where there is a very large increase.

Finally, regarding the increased interest rates, he estimated that we will have new interest rate increases this year. While, regarding product price increases, he said that he estimates that this year inflation will be at 5%, so, as he said, the rate of increase in product prices will decrease. “For us it is important that the household basket continues to function properly,” he concluded.


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