The message “security everywhere, security for everyone”, was sent from Thessaloniki by the Minister of Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakosspeaking at an event held by the governing committee of the ND, on the topic “The security of the homeland and citizens – Priority in practice”.

The minister said that security starts at the borders of the country and announced the acceleration of the construction of the fence on the Evros. He made special reference to the action of the police at the Greek-Turkish border to prevent illegal immigration. As he noted, in 2022, the Police prevented more than 260,000 illegal immigrants and arrested 1,500 traffickers.

“In the face of challenges, we promote respect for International Law. In the face of threats, we respond with determination. Our borders on the Evros are inaccessible. No one is going to pass illegally! It is a message dictated by the values ​​of our culture, international law, but also our humanity itself,” he underlined.

The minister expressed the government’s will to proceed immediately with the process of expanding the fence, upgrading the electronic surveillance systems and deploying another 400 border guards. He added that the construction project of another 35 kilometers of the fence, with a budget of 100 million euros, has started.

He referred to the case of the border guards in Evros, who are checked for the conclusion of virtual cohabitation agreements, speaking of a “provocative phenomenon”. “Those who carry the coat of arms must have it, before their uniform, in their minds and hearts,” he added.

With regard to the strengthening of security inside the country, he cited data from EL.AS. for the reduction of crime, noting that in 2022 there were 79 homicides and the percentage of investigations (same and previous years) reached 88.61%.

Through the reduction of bureaucracy, Mr. Theodorikakos said, and with measures such as the abolition of the original signature and the deposition of prisoners in trials by digital means, police forces are freed up. In particular, regarding the measure of exempting the police from the transfer of records, the Minister of Citizen Protection said that in a few weeks it will begin to be implemented and estimated that 150 police officers will be released in Thessaloniki.

Reduction of crime in Thessaloniki as well

As far as the General Police Directorate of Thessaloniki is concerned, 4,980 police officers are serving today, up from 4,792 in 2019. In the same period, 478 transfers were made to strengthen the forces.

Mr. Theodorikakos mentioned that low and medium crime is also decreasing in Thessaloniki. He made special reference to the 18 domestic violence offices that have been established throughout Greece. The two offices located in Thessaloniki (in the police stations of Lefkos Pyrgos and Ampelokipi) have handled 500 incidents, for which a case file has been filed.

We don’t settle for casuals

“We are working to deal with every threat,” he emphasized and reiterated that “security and lawlessness are unrelated concepts.” He recalled the cases when public spaces were given to citizens and universities and emphasized: “Authoritarianism is not the enforcement of law, but the tolerance of lawlessness. That is why and wherever there are signs and evidence of criminal activity, we will be there. We will not show apathy towards the phenomena of lawlessness. We don’t compromise with avatas.”

Society and state do not tolerate hooliganism

Referring to the case of the murder of Alkis Kampanos, he recalled that many doubted the effectiveness of the police, “pouring ink of suspicion” that the police supposedly “protect” the culprits.

“But the truth denied them. They were all arrested within five days and taken to the authorities. And the one who had escaped to Albania was finally handed over to our country, after appropriate handling and the necessary consultations with the Albanian authorities. Today, we await the verdict of the Court. To vindicate the soul of this lost boy, to ease – because they will not be “healed” – the wounds of the parents. But, also to send a strong message that society and the State do not tolerate hooliganism”.

Order of victory for ND and K. Mitsotakis

The minister also referred to the upcoming elections, stressing: “All together we will once again form the majority of measure and reason”. He pointed out that “Greece needs a firm hand on the steering wheel and a correct orientation on the compass”, expressing optimism for the self-reliance of the ND. On the other hand, commenting on the opposition tactics of SYRIZA, he said that “the power of democracy is consistency and logic. Not populism. To those who attempt to divide by leaving the Parliament, taking a seat on the sidewalk again, we answer: Democracy with the New Democracy”.

“The only answer that counts is the answer of the Greek people. Who will give a clear order in a few months: A victory order for ND and Kyriakos Mitsotakis. But also an order for the victory of the Motherland itself, against the attitudes of yesterday and the challenges of tomorrow. United and all together we will achieve the goal of self-reliance. For Greece! Why yes, the new self-reliance is in our hands! The country needs her. History imposes it on us”, he underlined.

Greetings St. Caulk

The government put security as the first priority and put an end to lawlessness and impunity, the Deputy Minister of the Interior, responsible for Macedonia and Thrace, Stavros Kalafatis, pointed out in his greeting.

He thanked Mr. Theodorikakos for the reinforcement of Thessaloniki with 104 police officers, underlining that “it was a request of the society and the mayors and we put it into practice”

Greetings at the event were addressed by the ND MPs, Dimitris Kouvelas, Kostas Giulekas, Dimitris Vartzopoulos and Anna Efthymiou, the mayors of Thessaloniki Konstantinos Zervas and Volvi, Diamantis Liamas, the mayor of Pylaia-Hortiatis and president of the Regional Union of Municipalities of Central Macedonia, Ignatios Kaitezidis, the president of DEEP A’ Thessaloniki of the ND, Theodoros Mitrakas, the head of ONNED Thessaloniki, Nikos Patseas, and the president of the governing committee of the ND, Zisis Ioakimovits.

The event was attended by the director of the prime minister’s office in Thessaloniki, Maria Antoniou, ND executives, municipal and regional councilors.