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The bill of the Ministry of Justice was submitted, on Wednesday, to be processed and discussed in the Standing Committee on Public Administration, Public Order and Justice of the Parliament for “Where do you belong” under the title: “Submission of declarations of assets (whereabouts) and financial interests”.

Read the provisions in detail

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It provides, among other things: the independent obligation of spouses to submit a declaration, and in the meantime, special provisions for the audits of the Parliament, the way of submitting the Declarations of Assets and Financial Interests (D.O.S.) .) exclusively electronically through a single electronic application accessible through the Unified Digital Portal of the Public Administration.

The new bill has been submitted to public consultation since 1 February until February 13.

In more detail, with the proposed provisions of the bill:

  • The existing fragmentary and ultimately difficult to understand legislative framework is “arranged” legislatively, including the current 49 cases of debtors in only 13 comprehensible categories.
  • The anachronistic and unnecessary inconvenience of those liable to collect the declaration data that is easily available to the auditing body themselves is no longer.
  • Clear and measurable objectives are set for the competent audit body to carry out audits, through the introduction of criteria set by the Audit Committee and the definition of a minimum percentage (minimum ceiling) of audited cases.
  • The multiplicity of instructions and directions from the auditors that lead to different treatment of the obligees by the auditors on similar cases is eliminated, through the delimitation and supervision of the audit framework by a single body (that is, one body will now give clear instructions and directions to the auditors).