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Every election is crucial because it determines the course of the country in the next four years in a period that is very difficult for everyone“, emphasizes the president of SYRIZA-PS, Alexis Tsipras in an interview he gave today to the Thessalian channel TRT ahead of his tour of the region.

As he commented, in the last year and a half, every Greek family experiences a “little Calvary” and accuracy “it affects not only the vulnerable, but also the middle class“, as incomes have actually suffered a 20% reduction and the minimum wage by 40%.

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He estimated that the world “looking for meaningful answers».

Specifically, he stated that the great majority of Greeks spend “harder than ever» even in relation to the period when the measures of the first memorandum were implemented with salary reductions, especially in the public sector and the increase in unemployment, due to the “horizontal shrinkage” of income due to inflation and accuracy.

In this context, he strongly criticized the government, accusing it of “from the worst moments […] he did not respect the institutions“, created a “propaganda mechanism and overcoming every limit of rule of law and democratic functioning” with “surveillance and media manipulation“, that he used “lousy methods” to impose a “lousy politics».

In particular, he commented that we have the “more expensive electricity” in wholesale and the “more expensive petrol in the EU”, as well as the “widest price range from producer to shelf”.

All this is within a policy framework that aims to favor specific interests“, he characteristically said.