Tonight’s gathering, after those in Peristeri, Patras, Thessaloniki, sends a message of “a new beginning for Greece, a message of political change”, “a message of SYRIZA’s victory in the elections with the system of simple proportionality”, underlined Alexis Tsipras from the speech in the atrium of the Municipal Market of Karditsa.

The president of SYRIZA PS asserted that “the government of inequality, of the parastatal, of precision, of the waste of public wealth, will reap with the people’s vote what it sows and sows with its policy”.

He accused Mr. Mitsotakis that “in the face of his panic”, he “attempts to blackmail and undermine even the electoral process”: “he anticipates that the verdict of the people will be fruitless with the simple analogy and declares that he will drag the country into second or even a third electoral contest”. He commented that “the one who supposedly has this great, irreversible poll superiority, whines that SYRIZA will finally form a government with the rest of the current progressive opposition parties from the first Sunday”, to emphasize that Mr. Mitsotakis “knows that the overthrow has already taken place, that we are already ahead”. He said that he “does not hesitate to go beyond any measure of irresponsibility and frivolity by opening the question of the authenticity of the next electoral process himself”. Mr. Tsipras “assured” that “the popular verdict will give a government of progressive cooperation from the first Sunday and it will be a government of the winners, with the first party being SYRIZA PS”.

He accused Kyriakos Mitsotakis of a job jungle instead of the many and good jobs “he promised” and continued: Plundering the middle class instead of tax breaks, abolishing the 13th pension and removing retroactive benefits from beneficiaries instead of supporting pensioners, drowning professionals in debt and auctions instead of strengthening them. “He promised that there will be only an insignificant increase in the price of electricity and immediately after that he sold out, completely privatized PPC and gave the slogan of profiteering,” he added, “he promised a reduction in crime and security and brought the criminals to the leadership of the police.”

He also said that while he promised to support the region and the farmer, he “distributes their income and their future”. He also emphasized that “he promised institutional stability and desecrated democracy and the rule of law by turning the EYP into a parastatal gang and monitoring half the political system.”

Mr. Tsipras commented that “the ‘evidence of the crime’ is not only found in the Anti-Corruption Commission, but also in the electricity bills, at the gas pumps, on the shelves in every supermarket.”