With a moving reference to two pilots of the Air Force who recently lost their lives in the line of duty, the president of PASOK – Movement for Change began his speech Nikos Androulakis from criticism Drama where he was found this afternoon.

The president of PASOK – Movement for Change, who spoke at the municipal conservatory of the city in front of a large and enthusiastic audience, emphasized that eternal honor and gratitude is deserved for the two brave pilots, one of whom came from Granite in Kato Neurokopi and asked for a minute’s silence to be observed in their memory.

“PASOK has returned dynamically to the political scene of the country”, stressed Mr. Androulakis at the beginning of his speech, “and whatever obstacles the right and SYRIZA put up will fail miserably”, while he added that since its foundation “the the power of this movement was the simple Greek people”.

The president of PASOK – Movement for Change criticized both the prime minister and the president of SYRIZA for what they voted for, which had the effect of reducing the income of the Greek citizen and giving bad loans to foreign funds, resulting in many borrowers losing their homes.

Mr. Androulakis emphasized that PASOK stands “against the many and bold words of SYRIZA – ANEL, and “against a government with below zero social sensitivity”. “PASOK”, he underlined, “no longer says things that remind us of the populism of the previous decade, but says things that are based on a course of responsibility that embraces the anxieties of all Greek citizens”.

Special mention edo in the political proposals of the Movement, asking for the enactment before the elections of a private debt management framework, noted the need for universal protection of agricultural land and the implementation of a new policy aimed at the strong label of Greek exports.

For energetic he emphasized the need for the green transition as a weapon to tackle energy poverty, while he called for the taxation of bank profits. He also underlined that PASOK is becoming “the conscience of the small and medium-sized people of the country and their businesses, because we know that it is the backbone of the Greek economy”.

During his speech, Mr. Androulakis presented the framework of PASOK’s proposals for all areas of modern life, making particular reference to health, saying that a “strong primary care is the breakwater for our hospitals”. He committed to decent pensions, the abolition of the personal difference from 1/1/24 and the payment of a new EKAS to 350,000 low pensioners.

“Haven’t we gathered a lot of national dangers lately?”

He also made special reference to the “culture of governance” as he characteristically mentioned and wondered “what do the Greek people and the young people expect? A political system where the arrogance of power makes the prime minister feel out of control? That because he has the support of some media he can intercept political opponents? Have we not gathered many national dangers lately? I am a national danger, in the Houses the leaders are national dangers, Mr. Hatzidakis is a national danger, journalists are national dangers? What does Mr. Mitsotakis think that we will tolerate in 2023 to see his father’s practices?”

Nikos Androulakis even commented on the Prime Minister’s words that if he lacks MPs, he will find MPs and wondered “does he really want to be like his father?” And a new ’65 in 2023?”

The demographics and the migration of young people to foreign countries during the difficult years of the economic crisis were at the center of the speech of the president of PASOK, who emphasized that in the next period he will announce an initiative which, as he said characteristically, will concern a “pan-European network of Greeks of my generation, who left the years of the economic crisis and will actively participate in our faction as a political arm that will embrace the new generation of the diaspora”.

Mr. Androulakis concluded his speech by asking for a strong mandate from the first Sunday. He pledged to fight for a coalition government based on his priorities, making it clear that “if I don’t have a strong mandate, I’m not going to enter into any chair-only debate.”

Earlier in the afternoon, the president of PASOK met at the Labor Center of Drama with representatives of productive organizations with whom he talked and heard the problems of the region and the priorities that must be set.