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Yesterday, after the speech of the CG of the Central Committee of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoubas, in Stavroupoli, Thessaloniki, the candidates for the KKE ballots in the electoral districts A’ and B’ of Thessaloniki, where he will also be a candidate, were presented.

1st electoral district of Thessaloniki

Avramopoulos Sotiris, civil engineer, holder of a master’s degree in Seismic Engineering and Antiseismic Constructions. Regional councillor, head of the “People’s Rally” in the Central Macedonia Region.

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Agorasto Athanasia, graduate of the Department of Civil Engineering of the DIPAE of Serres. He works in a logistics company. President of the Union of Private Employees of Thessaloniki, elected to the General Council of the Parliament of Thessaloniki.

Veldemiris Stefania, visual artist, maintains an art workshop for children in Sykies, Thessaloniki. Working as a conservator of archaeological finds and works of Art. Member of the Chamber of Visual Arts of Greece.

Georgiadis Agoroula (Roulla), a specialist psychiatrist at the Thessaloniki Hospital. Member of the Board of the Association of Hospital Doctors of Thessaloniki, member of the Hellenic Secretariat of the National Council against Drugs and president of the Thessaloniki Branch.

Cowardly John, MP of the KKE in the 1st electoral district of Thessaloniki. Teacher and graduate of the Department of History – Archeology of AUTH.

Zampetoglou Costas, chemist, with a master’s degree in Environmental Chemistry. Member of the Board of Directors of the Employees’ Union of the Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Thessaloniki (EYATH).

Zarianopoulos Sotiris, retired bank employee. Municipal councilor in the Municipality of Thessaloniki. He was the secretary general of the Labor Center of Thessaloniki and a member of the administration and the Executive Committee of GSEE. MEP of the KKE in 2014 – 2019.

Theognostou Nicoleta, law and postgraduate student at the Law School of AUTH. Elected municipal councilor in the Municipality of Pavlos Melas. Member of the Board of Directors of OGE and the Union of Notary Public Officials.

Karamitrou Irini, graduate of the Computer, Telecommunications and Networks Engineering Department of the University of Thessaly. Working as a software engineer, president of the Telecommunications and Informatics Employees’ Union of Thessaloniki.

Kokonas Athanasios, private employee. President of the Federation of Parents of Central Macedonia and vice-president of ASGME. Elected municipal councilor with the “Popular Mobilization” in the municipality of Kordelio – Evosmos.

Ilias Kondylis, psychiatrist and Public Health physician, associate professor of Health Policy – Primary Health Care at the Department of Medicine of the AUTH. Vice-president of the International Association for Health Policy in Europe (IAHPE), elected to the Board of the Unified Faculty Association at AUTH.

Koutsouras Thanasis, electrician – building maintainer. Member of the Board of the Federation of Builders, secretary of the Builders’ Union of Thessaloniki and member of the administration of the EK of Thessaloniki.

Mantzas Yiannis, political scientist and postgraduate student of Social Anthropology at the University of Macedonia, specializing in Social Anthropology, focusing on the Greek Roma group. He works as a scientific associate of the Panhellenic Confederation of Roma Greeks HELLAN PASSE.

Bandis Philippos, pastry chef. Member of the Master Confectioners Club of Greece, the Association of Shopkeepers – Confectioners of Thessaloniki, the Thessaloniki Food Festival and the Association of Three Children “Triaena”.

Nikolaidou Eva, journalist and author. He worked at ERT (radio and television) for 35 years, in the daily and magazine press. He has written 10 books. Member of ESIEA (Association of Editors of Daily Newspapers of Athens) and the International Federation of Journalists.

Anastasia Papadopouloupostgraduate student of the Department of Civil Engineering, AUTH, substitute member of the Board of the Cultural Association of the Residents of Nea Politias Evosmos.

Poikilidou Anastasia, private employee, working in a logistics company. Elected municipal councilor in the municipality of Kalamaria. Member of the Union of Private Employees and the Association of Residents in Karaburnaki Kalamaria “O Poseidonas”.

Radisis Pantelis, Lawyer. Member of the Board of the Thessaloniki Bar Association and its vice-president. He was a candidate for president of the “Competitive Gathering” of Thessaloniki Lawyers in the 2021 elections of the DST.

Vassilis Tomboulidis, lawyer, with postgraduate studies in the Department of Business Law and Labor Law. He was a tennis (tennis) athlete for Apollos Kalamaria and the Thessaloniki Tennis Club with important distinctions.

Tsiaousis Kyriakos, Food worker. Vice-president of the Thessaloniki-Pieria-Halkidiki Tourism and Catering Employees’ Union (SETEPE), member of the administration of EKTH and the Panhellenic Federation of Catering Employees.

2nd electoral district of Thessaloniki

Afentoulidou – Constantina Albani, graduate of the Polytechnic School of Athens. Private employee, secretary of the Clothing and Leather Union of Central Macedonia.

New Stella, a graduate of Applied Informatics from the University of Macedonia and a master’s degree holder. Contract employee at AUTH and at the same time hourly teacher at EPAS of OAED and at public IEK. Board member of the Association of Parents and Guardians at the 2nd Primary School of Pylaia.

Christos Kygiakis, supermarket warehouse worker. Vice-president of the Union of Commercial Employees of the prefecture of Thessaloniki.

Kyriazidis Haris, working in a food company. President of the Union of Food and Beverage Workers of Central Macedonia, elected to the Food Federation and to the administration of the Thessaloniki Labor Center.

Christina Lymberidouworking in Catering, final student of the Department of History and Archeology of AUTH.

Maaita Jamal – Ulysses, Ph.D. of the Physics Department of AUTH. Contracted professor at the Physics Department of DIPAE. Municipal councilor in the municipality of Pylaia – Hortiati. President of the Board of the Parents’ Association of the 1st Panorama Primary School, member of the Board of the Pylaia – Hortiati Parents’ Association.

Long Joy, graduate of the Tourism Business Department of TEI Thessaloniki. Professional in the food distribution and trading industry.

Polycarp Sissy, graduated in Philology from the Faculty of Philosophy, AUTH. He teaches at the 3rd Gymnasium of Oreokastro. Member of the Board of Directors of the 5th ELME Thessaloniki and the Executive Committee of the Thessaloniki Prefectural Department of ADEDY (EDOTH).

Stefanidis Kosmas, farmer. Secretary of the Agricultural and Livestock Association of Eastern Thessaloniki. He worked for many years in the field of Mass Media as a sound technician. Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Thermaikos Municipality Parents’ Union.

Leonidas Stoltidis, MP of the KKE in the 2nd electoral district of Thessaloniki. Telecommunications and network engineer. Elected to the administration of GSEE, EKTH and the Federation of Workers at OTE.

Tsouralakis Alexandros, forester. Secretary of the Forestry Labor Cooperative “THE UNION” Stavros of Thessaloniki and president of the Association of Forestry Workers of Macedonia – Thrace. Member of the General Assembly of the Federation of Builders and Related Professions.

Hatzikyriakou Lina, Lawyer. Elected municipal councilor with the “People’s Rally” in the municipality of Delta.