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By the end of 2023, the construction of its additional 35 kilometers is expected to be completed Fence in Evros emphasized to the Standing Committee on Public Administration, Public Order and Justice of the Parliament, the Minister of Citizen Protection K. Takis Theodorikakospresenting the main features of the project, the draft contract of which the 5th Level of the Audit Court approved, on February 21 (sub. Act No. 099/2023).

As Mr. Theodorikakos pointed out to the Commission, the construction of the Fence, which is the most effective measure and means of preventing illegal immigrants, has been decided by KYSEA. And it is a defense and environmental project as it also offers flood protection. It starts with national resources but, as he noted, it is obvious that the EU should in practice show its solidarity with Greece, since the Greek border with Turkey is also European. In fact, he expressed the belief that the effort made in this direction by the Prime Minister will soon have positive results.

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The Minister of Citizen Protection thanked the border guard, the army and the citizens of Evros for their assistance in guarding the Greek and European borders. “I believe everyone can understand the magnitude of the problem for the whole of Europe, if Greece – the Greeks – did not send a strong message of deterrence and humanity at the same time. In Evros, the women and men of ELAS, the officers of the Armed Forces, our citizens who live in the area, defend the principles and values ​​of European Civilization”, he said characteristically.

Mr. Theodorikakos pointing out that Greece is facing a hybrid and asymmetric threat and recalled that in 2022 the entry of 260,000 illegal immigrants was prevented and around 1,500 traffickers were arrested. While from the beginning of the year until today, in the heart of winter, 6,600 illegal immigrants have been prevented from entering Evros and 118 traffickers have been arrested in the Territory.

Mr. Theodorikakos emphasized that the threat to national order and security, to the homeland and citizens, requires an immediate and effective response. This is why the extraordinary procedure of negotiation without publication of the notice was chosen, since it was not possible to meet the deadlines provided for the open, closed or competitive procedures with negotiation.

He noted that in the summer the river level drops and the migratory currents intensify, he pointed out that all the legal conditions for the assignment of the project are met, as time and events are pressing. Specifically:

This assignment is made to the extent that it is absolutely necessary, given that it concerns a 35 km section of the 140 km extension of the deterrent barrier to the Evros, an extension that was deemed necessary by the decision of the KYSEA.
There is an urgent need due to events unforeseeable for the contracting authority that do not arise from its own responsibility. It is unfortunately possible that we will have an intensity of pressure after the devastating earthquake in our neighboring country, but also in areas of Syria.
In order to deal with them, it is not possible to meet the deadlines provided for the open, closed or competitive procedures with negotiation.
According to the decision of the Court of Auditors, there is no obstacle to the signing of the Draft Contract between the Greek government, i.e. the Ministry of Citizen Protection and the companies “Union of Economic Agencies TERNA SA and INTRACAT”.

These are two of the five 7th grade companies, which submitted a joint bid for the project, amounting to 78,002,261.17 euros (not including VAT), i.e. with an implied discount of 2.50% from the original budget of 100 million. euros for the construction of the project.

The Minister of Citizen Protection underlined that the procedure has the unanimous consent of the Unified Authority for Public Contracts.

Regarding the technical characteristics of the project:

It concerns 35 kilometers of Fence in the central Evros, in places where the proximity of a river and a mountainous mass, covered with dense forest, make them ideal as passages for illegal immigrants. Specifically in the wider area “Psathades Didymoteicho – Kornofolia Soufliou”.

The object of the project is the construction of a barrier made of a strong metal railing approximately 5 meters high, set into the ground at a depth of 6 meters, with an anti-climbing plate fitting on the upper part as well as a concertina.

The project includes:

  • Earthworks maintenance, upgrading and construction of new surveillance roads, reinforcement of existing technical works and reinforcement of embankments.
  • Construction of door barriers.
  • Construction of 7 new elevated anti-ballistic observatories along the man-made obstacles.
  • Improvement, maintenance, upgrading works in four EF and four OP of the Hellenic Army.
  • Improvement, maintenance and upgrading works of three buildings of EL.AS..
  • New prefabricated building of 300 sq.m. for the storage of border protection equipment.

Mr. Theodorikakos called on Turkey to stop the instrumentalization of immigration and to assume its responsibility by implementing its commitments towards the EU and in the context of good neighborliness with Greece. And he assured the MPs that not even a millimeter of Greek land will be allocated.

“We seek peace and cooperation. We are upgrading our deterrent power. We defend our national sovereignty and European borders. We send a strong message of determination and capability. Greece is now stronger. With international alliances. With the necessary personnel and modern equipment, with social cohesion and economic development”, concluded the Minister of Citizen Protection in his proposal.

Statement of the Minister of Citizen Protection